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Aloha is the spirit of surfing life!

At 30 years young Aloha is recognised by name and graphic throughout the surfing world, its respect and acknowledgement from the world’s surfers is a true testament to its ability to be at the forefront of surfing.

In 1978 Greg Clough started Aoha Surfboards in Brookvale, Australia, just inland from some of the amazing breaks like Curl Curl and Manly Beach and from there on in the brand has never really looked back. Aloha picked up momentum very quickly and in a relatively short time was attracting positive support from an unprecedented number of world professional surfers.

And it is those professional surfing who have helped shape the Aloha ethos and very much driven the designs and Aloha’s own team reads like a who’s who of surfing; with most long term members joining in the junior ranks before making their way to ASP or WCT/WQS ( world championship and world qualifying) tours of today.

Over the years surfers such as Barton Lynch, Richard Cram, Shane Powell, Chris Davidson, Beau Emerton, Luke Egan, Johnny Boy Gomes, Koby Abberton, Nathan Hedge, Dayyan Neve, Kai Otton and Richie Lovett to name but a few, have through their extraordinary surfing and individual personalities, cemented the Aloha brand into Australia’s rich surfing history.

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