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How Does A Wetsuit Work To Keep You Warm


How Does A Wetsuit Work? 

Wetsuits act by trapping a thin layer of water between the skin and the suit to keep you warm. The water is heated by the body and keeps your body temperature up in cold water. There are a couple of factors that can stop a wetsuit from working correctly, however if you find one that fits
perfectly there will be no problems. 
An ill-fitting wetsuit will allow cold water to constantly flush the warm water out, defeating the object of the suit. Wetsuits come in a range of thicknesses for varying water temperatures. In winter months, in the UK, it is recommended to wear a suit with a thickness of 4mm or more. A wetsuit is made from a neoprene insulation which is intended for both warmth and protection during water sports. The insulation is filled with small bubbles which fill with water to be warmed up, the thicker the suit the warmer it will be. 
Wetsuits are not intended to keep you entirely dry, and it is important to research average temperatures at your favourite water spots spot to ensure you have the correct suit for your location. The Wetsuit Centre offers a variety of different wetsuits, suited for all areas of the country and Europe, in a variety of thicknesses and styles and for a variety of weather conditions.