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Beginner Surfboards

If you are new to surfing and not sure what you should be looking to start learning on then you have come to the right online store. We stock a great range of softboard surfboards which are becoming more and more popular due to the foam construction and volume of board. A softboard gives the ability to catch waves easily safe in the knowledge that if you do fall of your surfboard then the soft board will not cause you any damage. Beginner surfboards come in many shapes and sizes so if you are looking for something to progress a little further with then you should be looking at either Bic surfboards or Cortez surfboards. These boards will stay as part of your quiver no matter how good you get as even after you have progressed then are great for smaller day where all you want to do is catch waves and have as much fun as possible.

Best Brand Performance Surfboards

If you have been surfing for a while and are looking for a shorter board with more performance then we also stock all the best brands from Lost, Firewire and JS. These brands are ridden by the best surfers in the world and are for ever developing into new models that are tried and tested by the very best surfers in the world. Best brands at the moment seems to be Lost Mayhem and Firewire as they are continuing to push the limits of surfing with there new designs. We even have a great selection of UK shaped surfboards from the best UK surf brands such as Adams, Fourth and Sea stick. These board are designed for British waves and power so the shapes in recent years have been short fat boards with more volume to catch waves but at the same time design to perform in terms of turns and speed. Even some of the more well known brands such as Firewire have boards in the range designed to catch waves as much as possible and perform at the highest level. A surfboard will only be as good as the rider so make sure when choosing your board that it has the correct volume to float you and enough width to remain stable enough when you're getting to your feet. Even a mini mal has some performance shapes nowadays on which you can perform as well as a shortboard can. Given there is so much to choose from if you need any help at all then please give us a call and we will do our best to make sure you get the best board for you needs. So whether you are riding hollow performance waves or just cruising down the line our online store has got you covered.

SUP Boards

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest going sports in the world as it is such a diverse sport. Many have taken to rivers or lakes to improve core fitness and cruise along with nature. These boards are generally the 10ft to 12ft range with good width and volume for a stable ride with plenty of speed. Some people have seen the benefits of taking there boards on holiday and at the beginning of the sport this was very difficult due to getting an airline to take the boards with charging a fortune, well now there is a solution in having an inflatable SUP. Easy to carry anywhere and easy to inflate so you can Sup in some of the most stunning parts of the world. Another aspect to the sport is wave riding and these boards are generally shorter with a more performance element to them. The sport has evolved so much that they are now even being ridden in big hollow waves which a few years ago would never have been possible. So great brands to consider is Naish and JP as both have a great selection for you to choose from. If you are super keen then the race side of the sport has taken of in a big and these boards are narrower then a normal SUP with a pointed nose to enable less drag in the water. They are designed in more of a paddle board design simply built to go fast. Whatever you decide is the way to go with your stand up paddle boarding then Wetsuit Centre has a board for you all with free delivery.


Skateboarding is forever on a cycle of popularity and again the sport is coming back with a bang. The most popular skateboard on the market at the moment is the Australian brand Penny which have really cool designs and colours. These boards are short and designed for speed and cool turns and tricks. Penny has the edge when it come to style as they have so many colours to choose from you can design the board to suit you. Fast, fun and stylish you really should take a look at the Penny range of boards that we stock. Another brand that has roots in the start of skateboarding is the Globe brand which is more about performance skating. You can ride a Globe in the bowl or just cruising down the street. They have some much to choose from so whether you are performing grinds in the streets of pulling of big airs in the bowl then Globe is the brand for you. Saying that Globe also produce the longboards for cruising down the beach or an alternative way of getting you to work.

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Solarez Repair Clear
Adams Sea Stick Shortboard Surfboard 5ft 8
Rusty 6´ 0 Neil Diamond Surfboard
Solarez Repair Clear
Adams Sea Stick Shortboard Surfboard 5ft 8
Rusty 6´ 0 Neil Diamond Surfboard