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Kahuna Creation Skateboards & Sticks

Kahuna Skateboards & Kahuna sticks has been born from the stand up paddleboarding craze, taking the watersport to the streets. Kahuna Creations has been shaping longboards since 2004 and invented the Land Paddle, called the Kahuna Big Stick™. From its beach-sand longboard grip to the Bamboo Big Stick, Kahuna Creations constructs superior-quality products with real Hawaiian soul.

Welcome to Kahuna Creations.

Longboards and Kahuna Big Sticks
inspired by the originators of board sports, the ancient Hawaiians.

Kahuna Big Stick with Bombora Longboard


Kahuna Adjustable Big Stick 6ft
was £99.99
Kahuna Adjustable Big Stick 6ft
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