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Kids Winter Wetsuits

Childrens Winter Wetsuits

When it comes to keeping your child warm in the winter months then you need to look for 5mm wetsuits as the neoprene is thick enough to keep them warm even when the water temperature is below 5C. The suits are designed to keep them warm for for all winter sports including surfing and kiting. The beauty of a 5mm suit is that they can wear it all year round as even in the warmest, although they might be a little warm in July and August if we see some summer sunshine. A lot of parents tend to purchase a winter version as kids do ten to feel the cold more than adults.

Wetsuit Centre stocks one of the largest ranges of kids winter wetsuits in the UK from some of the best manufacturers including Rip Curl, O'Neill Wetsuits, Billabong, C-Skins or Xcel. Not sure if you want a 5/3 mm, 4/3 mm or 3/2 mm wetsuit then check out our video reviews for the best wetsuit advice. A children's winter wetsuit should be ideal in the UK from October through to April. Saying that if you want you child toasty in the summer months many parents will still buy winter wetsuits. Don't forget to check out the video reviews on many of our wetsuits or give us a call and we will try to help you chose which winter wetsuit would suit you best.

Where Can I Buy A Kids Winter Wetsuit?

When looking for a quality winter wetsuit for your children you should consider not only a 5mm wetsuit but also kitting them out in 5mm boots and 3mm gloves. As if they are in cold water then it is important to make sure that the feet and hands are both full covered up to stop them getting cold. It can be very uncomfortable if your feet and hands get cold in the water not matter how warm your body might be. The only other thing to consider would be a wetsuit hood as having a hood ensures body heat is not lost though the head and stops ice cream headaches from having the head go under cold water. In terms of the wetsuit the best brands is O'Neill as they produce the widest range and good price points to meet any budget. Other quality brands to consider are C-Skins, Sola and Alder. When it comes to getting the correct size then the most important measurements are the waist and chest, if these are correct then you will get a great fit. Don't buy the wetsuit to big which some parents consider doing to give room for growth. If the wetsuit is too big it will let in water and make them cold. A small amount of give is fine but ensuring there is not a large part of material that can be pulled away from the lumber region is important as it would fill with water making the kidneys cold and cooling the body down fast. If you are in any doubt regarding sizing please use the size guides or contact us at Wetsuit Centre and we will be more than happy to help you out.