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Mens Shortie Wetsuits

Shortie Wetsuits

Living in the UK is the perfect place to enjoy all water sports, especially in the summer months when the sun is shining and the water is warm. The best time of year to wear a shorty wetsuit is in the months July to August in sea temperatures of over 20C. Shorties are not used as much in the sport of surfing due to the short window of where the water is warm enough to use them. When you are surfing you are half submerged most of the time so a cool breeze or a slight cold front of water makes it more comfortable in a full 3mm wetsuit rather than the 2mm short arm
and short leg wettie. Shorties are use more in sports such as kitesurfing, kayaking, jet ski and sailing in summer months where the need for total neoprene cover is not needed. The most popular use is for general beach use with the family. As wetsuits have become more affordable it's great to be able to go in the water with your children and have fun staying warm. The perfect addition to have even more fun is a simple cheap bodyboard. Then you can ride the waves for hours on end
in the comfort of your suit.

Which Shorite Wetsuit Should I Buy?

Here at Wetsuit Centre we have carefully selected our range of shortie wetsuits to suit every budget. So if you need a wetsuit that will be great for family use on the beach then the TWF range is perfect for you. Saying that the entry level suits some of the very best brands on the market such as O'Neill & Billabong will not break the bank and the quality and stretch is second to none. The wetsuits also come in various sizes and designs to match your sport. Such as the long arm shortie which is great for sports like wakeboarding or water skiing. If sailing is your sport then the ONeill and Gul range are the perfect solution. The beauty of a shorty is that it's really easy to pack for going on holiday so when you are heading to tropical climates which is pretty much anywhere
compared to the UK then it is easy to transport. As for another use the suit is great for snorkeling so you can watch the under water adventures whilst staying lovely and warm. No matter what your sport is everything you need is online and ready to order. If you do require any assistance please call us and we will do our best to help.