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O'Neill Wetsuits Official Supplier - Wetsuit Centre

The legend that is Jack O'Neill the inventor of the Wetsuit & O'Neill Wetsuits company

In the early days of surfing, this sport was not only limited to places that had the big waves, but also where the waters were at least reasonably warm. With nothing but your swim trunks or suit between you and the ocean, surfing was limited to either short periods of time or the hardiest of individuals.

Then along came Jack O'Neill to invent the first Wetsuit so he could go surfing for longer.

Jack experimented with a lot of different materials and designs - introducing neoprene and shorties, long arm wetsuits and Rash vests.

Today, O'Neill Wetsuits is a major corporation and leads the field in wetsuit design so whether you are looking for Mens or Ladies Surfing, Kitesurfing, Kayaking, Sailing or Wakeboarding wetsuits, then the Wetsuit Centre is the place to buy online. O'Neill consistently pushes the boundaries of performance and warmth and keeps on producing the best wetsuits on the market including the new Psycho Range of Wetsuits and some longer standing models such as the O'Neill Epic Wetsuit & O'Neill Mutant. O'Neill winter and summer wetsuits are getting lighter & warmer with a good quality brand like O Neill the future is looking bright. New for 2014 is the Superfreak range of chest zip wetsuits.
O Neill Wetsuits covers all areas of neoprene wear including Boots, Gloves, Rash Vests, Thermal Lining. They also construct quality Bouyancy Aids and impact vests for those of us into wakeboarding and sailing.
The Wetsuit Centre offer Video Reviews on all O'Neill Wetsuit products to give you a better idea of what all the construction jargon and technical features mean to you. So if you need a Mens, Ladies or Kids wetsuit for O'Neill winter or summer then look no further than the Wetsuit Centre for top advice and service.