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Surftech Surfboards

Home to the highest quality Epoxy and Sandwich Construction Surf Boards

Randy French founded SURFTECH in 1989, his background as a surfboard shaper and a pioneer in the windsurf industry drove him to experiment with different materials in an effort to make his boards lighter and stronger.
In th early 90's he began building a prototype with Rusty Preisendorfer at his factory in Oregon. But these early surfboard beginnings, shortboard shapers from around the globe including Glen Minami, Phil Byrne, John Carper, Rusty Preisendorfer & Al Merrick saw the advantages of working with Surftech and that Surftech’s “Tuflite” would be a positive addition to their surfboard offering.

Partnering with the world’s top shapers gave Surftech access to the top surfers in the world including Shane Dorian, Pancho Sullivan, Ratboy, Matt Rockhold, Tom Carroll, Myles Padaca, Tyler Smith, Pete Mel and a host of others. Hearing their feedback on the Tuflite boards was confirmation that Randy’s vision of a lighter, stronger more high-performance surfboard was for real. The relationships developed with these high level pros, was a tremendous help in the development of Surftech’s newest revolutionary technology, TL2.
Four years in the making and hundreds of prototypes later, TL2 is a clear board that has a more forgiving flex and was hand tuned similar to custom boards.

Surftech Robert August 90 What I Ride Longboard Surfboard
Surftech Robert August 9'0 'What I Ride' Longboard Surfboard
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