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Open Water Swimming Wetsuits

If you are serious about your Triathlon wetsuits and Swimming wetsuits then you need serious Wetsuit equipment to back you up. At our Wetsuit Outlet we only stock the best and our new Triathlon Wetsuits are from some of the most well known wetsuit manufacturers including Speedo Wetsuits. Different models are available to suit entry level or weekend warrior triathletes all on Next Day Delivery. Give us a call on 01202 302943 and we will happily talk through the sizes and best fit options for your swimming wetsuit or triathlon wetsuit.

Which Wetsuit Should I Buy For Swimming?

When it comes to choosing the correct wetsuit for swimming then you need to consider what time of year you are planning to go swimming and how much do you think you will be doing? If you are considering swimming in the winter months then you will need a multi purpose wetsuit like the O'Neill Epic winter 5mm suit. This thicker neoprene will keep you nice and warm with a good amount of flex in the arms and the body. You will also need to buy some 5mm neoprene socks and some wetsuit gloves. Although not design specifically for swimming it is a good choice and can then be used for other water sports like surfing or kite surfing. If you are swimming in the summer then the designed swim wetsuits like the Blu Smooth will be perfect. These are designed to assist swimming with various panels of differing thickness lift the rear of your body out of the water. The smooth skin design aids speed through the water enabling you to swim faster. If you need any help or advice then please feel free to call us.