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Wetsuit Boots & Neoprene Shoes

In any water sport when it comes to winter months in the UK and Europe you need to keep your feet warm in the colder waters. The best way to keep your feet warm is to wear neoprene wetsuit boots. which come in various thicknesses anywhere from 2mm to 5mm. A 2mm boot is good for warm waters where you need a little foot protection and are in the form of a slipper. When it comes to 3mm boots they are better for UK summers and Europe winters as they will keep you feet warm. The winter option for northern Europe and especially the UK winter is 5mm boots as the thicker neoprene will keep your feet from getting cold even when the water is only a few degrees. Boots are made thicker up to 8mm but these are far more difficult to get on and off, but if your are surfing in extreme conditions then they maybe worth considering.

Which Wetsuit Boots Should I Buy?

When looking to buy wetsuit boots there are a few things you should consider in terms of what time of year you will be using the boots. As in the summer time a pair of 3mm boots will be fine for pretty much all water sports. As the 3mm of neoprene is thick enough to keep your feet warm in any water temperature above 10C. At this time of year you will be able to get away with wearing a simple pair of reef slippers that come up toyour ankle in height. If you are a keen sailor then a handy pair of zip up boots are generally the boot of choice as they are easy to get on and of and have a hard sole for add comfort and protection.

Winter Wetsuit Boots

When it gets to winter months then it is a complete change of thickness required, especially in the UK and northern Europe. This is the time of year where anything from 5mm to 8mm is required. The most popular thickness for winter is the 5mm as it is less restrictive in the water
and gives more than enough protection from cold waters. Some people really do feel the cold and it that is the case then a good 7mm could be the solution to that. The extra thickness means your feet are going to stay warmer for longer but being thicker you do lose feeling of the surfboard if surfing. Saying that i would still prefer to have warm feet then anything as there is nothing worse than losing feeling in them from the cold. Wetsuit boots above the entry level models such as the O'Neill Epic boots are generally lined with thermal material which acts
in the same way as thermal underwear and keep your feet even warmer. You should consider this if you are looking to stay in the water as long as possible. For any advice please contact us at Wetsuit Centre and we will do our best to help you.