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Wetsuit Boots & Neoprene Shoes

In any water sport when it comes to winter months in the UK and Europe you need to keep your feet warm in the colder waters. The best way to keep your feet warm is to wear neoprene wetsuit boots. which come in various thicknesses anywhere from 2mm to 5mm. A 2mm boot is good for warm waters where you need a little foot protection and are in the form of a slipper. When it comes to 3mm boots they are better for UK summers and Europe winters as they will keep you feet warm. The winter option for northern Europe and especially the UK winter is 5mm boots as the thicker neoprene will keep your feet from getting cold even when the water is only a few degrees. Boots are made thicker up to 8mm but these are far more difficult to get on and off, but if your are surfing in extreme conditions then they maybe worth considering.