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Xcel Revolt X2 5/4mm Mens Winter Wetsuit 2015

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Brand:Xcel Wetsuits
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The Perfect combination of flex and warmth now with Xcels Exclusive TDC Celliant Technology.

About The Wetsuit -

Thickness - 5/4/3 mm
Seams - Fusion Seam Taped
Zip - X2 Chest Zip
Neoprene - Airprene in Front and Back Chest and 100% V Foam
TDC Thermo Dry Celliant Lining
Drylock Wrist Seals
Nexskin Ankle Seals
Duraflex Knee Panels
Quick Dry Fiber
Warranty - 1 year workmanship and materials

Suit Description

The Xcel Revolt wetsuit is an ultra-premium fullsuit featuring all new TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, a revolutionary inner lining with smart fibers that recycle your body heat into infrared energy for greater warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall performance. In the Revolt, TDC is featured in a diamond patterned high pile chest for core warmth, and an infrared print low pile lower lower body. With exclusive material and seam innovations, including a watertight X2 entry system, full water-repellent Quick Dry Fiber exterior and Xcelís exclusive Drylock Wrist Seals, the Revolt delivers advanced performance, warmth, and stretch.


Q: Does Celliant have to touch my skin for a heightened effect?

A: Products enhanced with Celliant technology can be covered or layered without losing effectiveness. Clothing, sheets, and laminated or waterproof fabrics do not hinder the efficacy of Celliant to recycle energy to the body. The bodyís electromagnetic emissions travel through clothing, wood, glass and even concrete. The energy your body emits is the same thatís seen in technology used by the military to view humans inside buildings.

Q: Will my skin temperature increase if Iím reusing my bodyís energy?

A: No, by reemitting energy back into the body, the process acts as a thermal regulator to help balance body temperature. When circulation is increased, the body is able to either warm up or cool down, depending on the external environment, more easily through convection.

Q: Are there clinical studies to prove Celliant works?

A: Yes, Celliant technology has been tested and proven in five U.S. based clinical studies. Additional information on each study can be viewed within the digital press kit or in the clinical study section of our website.

Q: Are there any negative side effects to Celliant?

A: Celliant is a non-invasive technology. Allergic reactions to any materials can occur; however, since Celliant products became available in 2003, there have been no reported cases of allergic reactions. However, as Celliant requires a synthetic carrier, you should not use Celliant if you are allergic to polyester fibers.

Q: Do Celliant products require special care or laundering?

A: No, Celliantís patented technology is embedded into the core of the fibers so that it cannot wash or wear out. The technology is not based on a coating or an application. Therefore, the benefits of Celliant technology last the life of the fiber and products do not require special care.

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