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Kitvision Cameras

Kitvision Surfing & Action Sports Cameras

Kitvision is here to help you record your memories with a high quality action camera that you can use in the water, on your bike or even in the air. It started of with every extreme enthusiast from surfers to sky divers using the now famous GoPro cameras to capture all the extreme action live and in HD. KitVision have enhanced the initial technology to produce some of the best cameras in terms of definition and you get a lot more for your money. All the accessories enable you to use the cameras no matter what sport you are pursuing, from head straps to surfboard mounts we have a huge amount of stock. These cameras make the perfect gift for any water sports person so they can capture all the action. 

By remembering the past and embracing the future, our vision is for every single precious moment to be treasured forever. 


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