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Rip Curl Search GPS Surfers Watch

Rip Curl Search GPS Surfers Watch

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Rip Curl GPS Search Watch
The Rip Curl Search GPS Watch is like no other in the lineup. Track your surf, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session. Sync your data to the Rip Curl Search App or Website to re-live your surf with location maps, image sharing and graphic charts which showcase your session.
This watch not only tells the time and tides but also shows how many waves you have had detailing your speed and direction.
A must for all surfers and one we have been waiting to buy for a while.
The Rip Curl Search GPS Watch is like no other in the lineup. Track your surf, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session.
One touch auto-set with 1,360 tide locations
Track every wave with assisted GPS
10 hours GPS surf time
Sync your surf to the cloud
Technical Description
The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch is like no other in the lineup. Track your surf, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session. Sync your data to the Rip Curl Search App or Website to re-live your surf with location maps, image sharing and graphic charts which showcase your session.
How many waves do you catch?
The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch can track exactly how many waves you catch in a session.
Gabriel Medina is renowned for catching a huge amount of waves every time he surfs. Last month during a swell at Rocky Point in Hawaii, Gabriel scored 43 waves in just over an hour and a half... that's roughly one wave every two and a half minutes!
Think you can catch more than Medina?
How long do you surf?
The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch can tell you exactly how much time you spend in the water.
It's your log book for all surf sessions for the day, the week, the month, the year.
Alana Blanchard is one of the fittest female athletes on the ASP world tour. During a recent four day raid to Cloudbreak, Fiji, she logged a total of 25 hours in the water. Knowing she surfed an average of 6.25 hours per day meant that she could plan a complimentary training program out of the surf to help keep her body and lifestyle balanced.
Think you know how much time you spend in the water?
Where do you sit in the lineup?
The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch can track everything you do in the water, giving you insight into your surfing you've never had before.
ASP World Tour surfer Matt Wilkinson can now see every wave he surfs, specific to his position in the lineup; where he takes off from, his longest rides, and how fast he surfs. He can compare his sessions daily, over time, and even compare his stats with his friends'.
Do you want to take your surfing further, and be part of a surfing revolution?
How fast do you surf?
The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch can log exactly how fast you surf, every wave, every session
Current 3X ASP World Champion Mick Fanning is constantly blowing minds at the speed he surfs.
Now Mick can gauge how fast he's actually surfing, wave for wave, wherever he is in the world. He can also compare his wave speeds with his friends'.
Different spots on any given day throw up varying potentials for speed. Check out how fast Mick and the rest of the team surfed on their recent sessions.
Re-Live Every Session
Sync your session from your SearchGPS watch to your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer.
After you surf, simply sync your data via Bluetooth to the Rip Curl SearchGPS App. Then see your whole surf, broken down into detail.
ASP World Tour surfer Owen Wright recently enjoyed a Search trip to Africa, on his way to WCT stop 6

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