Beginner Surfboards

When you’re shopping around for beginner surfboards, you need to be thinking about what’s going to keep you in the water. Here at Wetsuit Centre, we stock a range of high quality surfboards for beginners, specifically designed for those looking to find their feet on the waves. Pick a beginner surfboard that offers control because progression will be quicker, and your enthusiasm will soar. Whether you are looking to catch your first waves or step it up and looking for an upgrade that tightens turns and has a little more manoeuvrability, we stock the best beginner surfboards for you.

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Best Beginner Surfboards

Choosing beginner surfboards is as personalised as picking a wetsuit. It all depends on the conditions you’re going to surf in and how you’re looking to enjoy your time in the surf. Soft and foam surfboards are extremely popular options and are often referred to as the best beginner surfboards. This is because their deck is slightly more padded, providing a lot of buoyancy and a stable ride. You’ll be able to get up and start thinking about linking your turns quite quickly because the wider, flatter surface is easier to mount. Even though these are a slightly more modern design, they’re tried and tested beginner surfboards by coaches and surf schools. They’re also a favourite because they reduce the risk of injury if you lose your footing and hit the board.

Harder beginner surfboards are usually aimed at those that have been out on the water before and are heading towards the intermediate level. Hard surfboards for beginners typically have a more tapered curve or a better defined edge, which is great option for stepping up your technique. Harder options are sometimes the best beginner surfboard because they make turns tighter and offer more precise control, once you’ve mastered the basics on a soft board whilst at surf school.

Engineering of smart materials means that soft and foam boards are now available in a dual material, layered with epoxy for a more rigid and sensitive board. These still often have the wider surface and soft deck which is great for protecting against accidents whilst you are a beginner, and awesomely encouraging stability which makes your feet feel planted, even as you begin carving through the waves.

Choosing A Surfboard For Beginners

Selecting the best beginner surfboard can be a tall-ask when you don’t quite have the lingo down. You can always get in touch with the experts here at Wetsuit Centre who will be happy to advise you on anything you need to know – from boards, to kit, wetsuits and accessories, we’ll help wherever we can. All the beginner surfboards we stock are high quality and always made from the best possible materials to ensure we supply durable, lasting boards that provide a bit of a thrill and a lot of fun!

One of the things you do want to consider is price factors and progression rate. If you’re going to be a fair weather boarder who only hits the beach every now and again, you might not want to commit to a huge investment. Softer beginner boards are an awesome antidote to expensive boards and they’re forgiving, streamlined and you’ll still get great performance out it. Yet, if you are moving on from mastering the basics and you’re already hooked by the waves, a harder shortboard might be the option for you.