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UK Bodyboards For Sale

When it comes to finding the perfect bodyboard the choice can be quite confusing but at the Wetsuit Centre we have tried to make this process as easy as possible. For beginners you should consider the entry level models of which the vision range of bodyboards is designed for men, women and children and the great thing is the low price. The key thing when buying your board is deciding the length as you need to make sure that it has enough volume to float you. If you need any help on getting this right then please call us and we will ensure you get the correct board. The beginner boards are great for summer time fun for the whole family, having fun in the waves. So we have the best children's range of boards starting at low prices. If you want to kit your self out with board, wetsuit and fins then it is worth you viewing our package deals. If you are the more experienced boarder then you will already know that NMD are the best bodyboards that money can buy.

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NMD Bodyboards

The best range of bodyboards in the UK of NMD bodyboards are here at Wetsuit Centre as we are fully aware that if you need performance then there is no better. The range of NMD starts for those on a budget right up to the the most experienced riders. The main benefit of the NMD boards is down to the construction of which the shape is key to performance. The board have various channels and groves to change each boards ride. As you go through the range it's not just the shape that changes it is also the construction and higher quality materials are used including double stringers for additional strength. This is required to ride far bigger and hollower waves that test the surfer to the very limits of the sports. These designs are for those known in the surfing world as the chargers of the sport. We all have much respect for these guys which is why we stock to highest of quality products for you to buy. If you need any advice please feel free to contact us for a chat.

Bodyboards For Sale

Whether you’re new to bodyboarding or you’re looking to revamp your existing board, there are plenty of options to choose from in our bodyboards UK range. It is important that you match your budget to the right shape and performance-level that you require, to guarantee that you’re getting the very best out of your board. Whether you’re searching for lightweight beginner bodyboards for sale or ones that are extremely durable and can tackle some of the strongest of waves, there are plenty of options to choose from when you browse the bodyboards here at the Wetsuit Centre.

While you’re likely to be looking for something a little more advanced than the traditional alaia boards used by indigenous Polynesians, you can be certain that our range takes the key elements of the traditional boards to provide you with a solution to suit your style. Whether you prefer to ride prone, dropknee, or stand-up, our bodyboards can be matched to your exact requirements. Whether you’re looking for fun or performance, you can find everything you need from the bodyboards for sale that you can find here at the Wetsuit Centre. Our range also features a number of accessories including fins and leashes, so you will be all set to hit the waves the next time you step onto the beach. Browse our bodyboards UK range, today!