Foam Surfboards

Foam surfboards are the perfect way to ease yourself into the waves as a beginner. Today, after precision engineering and the manipulation of smart materials foam surfboards are the perfect all-round option for beginners as they progress onto bigger and better waves as well as for the more seasoned surfer who is looking for fun when the surf is smaller. Advanced construction, various sizes and awesome design options means there is a foam board surfboard here for you.

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Foam Board Surfboards

Foam surfboards perform in the same way as standard, heavier boards but they’re just a little easier and lighter to manoeuvre. The construction offers really good volume in the board, making it a leisurely and quite a stable ride. With a smoother ride and a reduced risk of loosing your footing, you’re on to a winner with foam board surfboards, but one of the reasons they are so popular with surf schools and are regularly recommended to beginners is because the deck is more forgiving. The softer material offers ample buoyancy whilst protecting against injuries when you take a fall.

Produced as an alternative option to the mini mal beginners’ boards and a great tool to encourage newcomers to the sport, foam surfboards are super durable. Unlike wetsuits and other kit, foam surfboards can definitely be shared between people as they have a little more ‘one-size-fits-all’ design – at least until you start carving through the surf. They’re a great investment and are likely to see an earlier boarder all the way through until they’re a master. Hybrid foam boards are a great way to start progressing because they offer superior control, so you can start tightening your turns and really owning the waves. Soft fin foam surfboards do offer a little more reprieve to beginners, avoiding damage when you run over sand or something hard.

Family Friendly Foam Boards

Foam top surfboards are hardwearing, light weight and a fantastic beginner option. They’re a popular ‘part-timer’ board because they are cheaper than mini mal or alternative boards that were originally designed to get you started, they can be shared between a group of friends or a family at different skill levels. Softboards like these were intentionally designed for stability, with a wide long surface which gives surfers a better opportunity to stand and take control.

Different materials for foam board surfboards means that progression is quick. Epoxy underlays will make your foam board feel like a harder, more rigid deck with more sensitive reactions than the standard beginner board.

Foam boards are all about bringing a smile to your faces, from everyone from little rippers to first time adults. This applies to maintenance as well; no waxing is required unlike on a hardboard; you can just pick a foam surfboard up and head on down to the waves. Awesome to be used in all conditions, they’re also a great option for those who don’t want to make a huge investment because they don’t get much time at the beach – but just want to make the most out of the surf time they do have!