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The Benefits and Freedom of Getting Right Wetsuit

Find the wetsuit that allows you the freedom and comfort to practice your favourite sports, whatever the season and wherever you are. At the Wetsuit Centre we help find the wetsuit that will keep you in the water longer, doing what you love - better. Below you’ll find a quick guide to help you determine when the size is right.


  • Size: 2/2 - when this size is right:

    Warm climates, swimming, snorkelling
    Temperatures between: 18 - 22C
    Styles: full suit long sleeve, full suit short sleeve; shorty suit long sleeve, shorty suit short sleeve
    Note: 2 mm neoprene covers the whole wetsuit.


  • Size 3/2 - when this size is right:

    September, October - things are getting a little colder, scuba diving
    Temperatures between: 15 - 19C
    Styles: full suit long sleeve, full suit short sleeve
    Note: 3 mm neoprene covers the torso, 2 mm neoprene covers the arms.


  • Size 4/3 - when this size is right:

    Colder destinations like Ireland and Scotland
    Temperatures between: 12 - 16C
    Styles: full suit, long sleeve


  • Size 5/4/3 - when this size is right:

    Winter adventurers
    Temperatures between: 8 - 13C
    Styles: full suit; hooded full suit
    Note: 5 mm cover the torso, 4 mm cover the legs and 3 mm cover the arms for swimming flexibility.


  • Size 6/5/4 - when this size is right:

    When you are crazy enough to brave Arctic waters
    Temperatures between: 4 - 8C
    Styles: hooded full suit
    Note: The thicker the neoprene the more you float, but the less flexible your movements in the water. If the suit were covered entirely by 6 mm neoprene swimming would be extremely demanding, and possibly dangerous if you were not able to get out of the freezing water.