How Have Wetsuits Changed over the Years?

How Have Wetsuits Changed?

Surfing the world’s cold climates can be wild and exhilarating, but doing so has only been possible in recent years with the advancement of wetsuit technology.

Go deeper

Oceanic explorers and physicists all played a part in the wetsuit’s eventual creation. Better and deeper diving were the early drivers behind the modern day wetsuit.

Watersports for everyone, everywhere

As wetsuits have evolved over the years, watersports have become more numerous and more competitive. Modern wetsuits offer more protection from the cold. Two thirds of the world’s shores lie along bodies of cold water. A world of stunning wilderness and adventure has been opened up to the surfing community. Better buoyancy allows triathletes faster, more efficient movement in the water. What’s more, wetsuits have become more affordable, making them accessible to beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Cultural shifts

This widespread increase in watersport participation has had a massive impact on local communities around the world. Previously unheard-of fishing villages have been put on the map. In the small town of Thurso in the northernmost part of Scotland, world-class surfing and kayak surfing have transformed this once humble fishing village into a thriving destination, brimming with quaint hotels, pleasant cafes and fine dining.

Thanks to new and dynamic wetsuits people from all over the world can enjoy watersports all year round. At the Wetsuit Centre we’ll give you the best advice on what type of wetsuit you need to get the most out of your watersport activities.