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Surfboard Ding Repair Kits for Fibre Glass or Epoxy Surfboards

Don’t despair over a ding! Our range of surfboard repair kits is here to get you back out on the waves as quickly as possible. If you have cracked or dinged your surfboard, you can often repair the damage yourself at home. Surfboard repair kits are available for a variety of surfboard constructions, such as fibreglass, EPS and epoxy surfboards. We also sell sun curing surfboard repair kits, which are great for quick surfboard repairs while away on holiday surfing. Our repair putty, tape and resins come from the most popular brands on the market, such as Ocean & Earth, Solarez, Phix Doctor and more. You can also check out our blog on how to fix a broken surfboard or contact us for more help and advice on your board.

Repair Putty & Waterproof Tape

There are few worse feelings for surfers than seeing a crack or ding on your favourite board. While large cracks may need expert repair, when it comes to small marks or dings, there’s a wide selection of surfboard repair kits available here at Wetsuit Centre. These ding repair kits allow you to perform most minor repairs at home, saving you time and money! Repair putty and resins are a quick and easy way to fix your board after a minor bang. Most resins work by filling the crack or ding and then solidifying, protecting the area from further damage. Make sure you choose the right resin for your board material, as they’re specially designed to bond with different surfaces. For example, you’ll need an epoxy resin for an epoxy surfboard. When using a surfboard resin, you need to clean and de-wax your board first. You may also need to sand the resin afterwards so there’s a smooth finish. However, compared to professional repairs, this is a really quick and easy method, perfect for small dings and when on the go.For an even quicker fix, we stock waterproof tape for surfboard repairs. This waterproof tape can offer quick and immediate protection for small bumps and cracks, allowing you to get back out on the waves within minutes! If you’re unsure what surfboard repair kit might be right for you, please get in touch with our team. As fellow surfers, we’ll be more than happy to give our recommendations for your board.

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  1. Solarez epoxy mini kit
  2. Solarez Mini Travel PU Surfboard Repair Kit
  3. Ding All Standard Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit
  4. Ding All Super Epoxy Repair Kit
  5. Solarez Epoxy
  6. Solarez Softboard Repair Kit
  7. DingAll Sup Repair Kit
  8. Solarez PU Clear
  9. Solarez Micro-lite White
  10. Phix Doctor Sun powered Polyester Surfboard Repair Kit
    As low as £15.95
  11. Ocean & Earth Epoxy Solarcure Surfboard Resin
  12. Ocean & Earth Pro Tip Nose Protection Kit
  13. Northcore Stormsure Adhesive 5g Tube 2021 - White - Full View
  14. Northcore Phix Doctor 9 LED UV Curing Light 2021 - Black - Full View
  15. Phix Doctor Rapid Repair Putty
  16. Ding All Epoxy Quik Stik Surfboard Repair Kit
  17. Ding All Sun Cure Polyester Fibrefill Surfboard Repair Kit 1oz
  18. Phix Doctor Micro Kit Surfboard Repair
  19. Spongrez
  20. Solarez 1oz Low Light surfboard repair kit
  21. Solarez 1oz low light epoxy surfboard repair
  22. Ocean & Earth Polyurethane Surfboard Solarcure Resin
  23. Solarez 1oz Microlite Epoxy
  24. Ding All Sun Cure Epoxy Mini Tube 1oz
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