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Changing Robes

Changing Robes

Beach Changing Robes & Dry Robes

When it comes to getting into your wetsuit on the beach or in the car park it can be a struggle to save your dignity. So brands like Robie Robes and Rip Curl created the beach changing robe which simply goes over your head and you can get changed without having to expose yourself. The great thing about the robes is that not only can you change under them but as they are made from towelling you can also dry yourself at the same time. Surfers love them because in the very cold winter months it stops you freezing after getting out of the cold waters. We stock a huge range of changing towels from only the very best brands so you can find one to meet you budget. We even have a range now that is dedicated to Men, Women & Children.

Beach Changing Robes

If you’re swimming outdoors, surfing in the sea, or paddle boarding on a lake, getting warm and dry quickly after leaving the water is important to ensure that you don’t catch a cold. To help, why not opt for one of the beach changing robes available on our site? Wetsuits can be difficult to get on and off, so to make the process easier, purchase one of our surf changing robes so you don’t have to worry about getting your car wet or freezing in the cold winter months as you try to get changed. Simply throw the changing robe over your head and get changed without losing your dignity. Step outside and stay warm all year round with the changing robes available here at Wetsuit Centre.

Manufactured from some of the most insulated materials available on the market, you can get changed quickly and easily with help from durable surf changing robes. Available in a huge range of sizes to suit each member of the family, these beach changing robes are the perfect accessory whether you’re an occasional surfer or a regular paddleboarder. Browse our range of changing robes today!