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Kids Rash Vests

Kids Rash Vests

Boys & Girls Sun Protection Tops For The Beach

Kids need protecting from the harmful UV rays of the sun when they are playing in the surf or at the beach. So if your children don't want to wear a full wetsuit then a Rash Vest is the next best thing. Choose from a great range of quick drying Kids Rash Vests from O'Neill rash vests, Billabong rash vests and Rip Curl. Sizes from toddlers up to large kids. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about Boys or Girls rash vest then please feel free to contact us..

Kids typically have far more sensitive skin than adults and when it comes to playing in the surf or at the beach, you will need to protect your children from the abrasive sand, sea salt and from the sun. Many children will not want to wear a full wetsuit when it comes to surfing or playing on the beach in hot weather, but in order to ensure that they remain as protected as possible, you may want to invest in one of our kids’ rash vests.

The irritation from surfing in the sea can cause your child’s skin to become inflamed and they could develop an uncomfortable rash. There are a number of reasons that this could occur, with irritation being caused by the wax on the surfboard, the rubbing of the wetsuit on the skin (although this is rarer now the materials of wetsuits have enhanced in quality) and even the constant exfoliation that the salt and sand can have on the skin. In order to protect your child, invest in one of our kids’ rash vests.

Kids’ Rash Vests For Sale

Our kids’ rash vests come in a number of sizes, ranging from toddlers up to older children. We offer a broad range of styles and colours in order to ensure that your child remains content with the rash vest that they are wearing. Alongside protection from surfing rash, a rash vest can also offer sun protection, with many of the biggest brands offering sun protection of 50 or above - ideal for kids who are spending all of their time on the beach or in the water and do not want to repeatedly top up their sun cream.

Help keep your kids protected with help from our range of kids’ rash vests. Browse our range today!