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Here at Wetsuit Centre, we offer a selection of Drybags and waterproof rucksacks to help keep your belongings from getting damaged and provide you with a piece of mind. It is a vital piece of kit to have when your hobbies involve water by keeping your valuables and electricals dry and safe. A Dry Bag is a flexible sack or bag with a roll-top closing system; they provide a watertight enclosure by the way they are closed. Instead of zip or velcro, the bag is sealed by rolling down the top at least 3 times, then clipping the buckles together. We stock a selection of dry bags available in different sizes and styles, guaranteeing we will have the right bag for you, no matter your requirements. Browse our range of dry bags that are perfect for a range of water sports including sailing, surfing, kayaking & kitesurfing. We also have a range of top brands to choose from, including Northcore, Ocean and Earth-Water Sports, and Red Paddle Company, to ensure that you get the highest quality products every time.

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  1. Orange
    As low as £19.95
  2. Orange
    As low as £11.49
  3. FK Surf Storm Series 60 Litre Dry Bag
  4. FCS Wet Bag - Clear
  5. Global 20L Dry Bag - Black
  6. Global 30L Dry Bag - Blue
  7. Global 40L Dry Bag - Blue
  8. Global 50L Dry Bag - Grey
  9. Global 80L Dry Bag - Orange
  10. Global 60L Dry Bag - White
  11. Global 25L Dry Bag - White
  12. Global 5L Dry Bag - Red
  13. Fidlock Hermetic Chest Bag - Black/Clear
  14. Dryrobe Eco Compression Backpack in Black
  15. Fidlock Hermetic Sling Bag - Black
  16. Fidlock Hermetic Multi Dry Bag - Transparent Petrol
  17. Swim Research Safety Buoy &20L Dry Bag
  18. Beachbum 20L Dry Bag - Pink
  19. C Skins Swim Research 28L Buoy / Dry Bag in Pink
  20. Red Paddle Waterproof 22L SUP Deck Bag - Grey
  21. Surflogic Wetsuit Clean & Dry System Bucket
  22. Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag in Black
  23. Typhoon Osea Dry Bag Duffel 60L - Graphite/Black
  24. Northcore Grass Waterproof Bag Change Mat
    As low as £44.95
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With a variety of different sizes, you can be sure that you can fit all your belongings within a waterproof dry bag from Wetsuit Centre. Whether that be a small dry pocket for your car keys when you are catching waves or a large waterproof rucksack for those long expeditions, you can be sure there is the perfect dry bag for you. If you are not sure which style of waterproof dry bag you are looking for, then our reviews are here to help you make an informed decision. With reviews from customers who have purchased the product, you can be sure that you will be getting completely unbiased information on your selected waterproof dry bag.  If you are still unsure you can always contact the Wetsuit Centre team and we can talk you through our collection of dry pockets, waterproof backpacks and duffle bags to find one to meet all of your needs.

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