Oxbow Surfboards

Oxbow has a long heritage within the surfing industry and established themselves with clothing in the early 1980's. Since then then have progressed into longboard surfboards and now taken over the brand that was Bic Surfboards. Oxbow surfboards are the perfect choice of board for a huge range of surfers from total beginners to someone who wants to surf on a budget.

The boards range in size from the 5’ 10 fish and a 6’ 7 shortboard right through to the 8’ 4 mini mal. In between is the super popular 7’ 0 egg, 7’ 3 mini mal and the 7’ 6 noserider. The Oxbow mini mal surfboards and Oxbow beginner surfboards fill a gap between the foam construction soft boards and higher performance boards. The boards are ideal for the complete beginner looking to have a board they can progress on or for the intermediate surfer looking for a wave catching machine.

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