Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable Paddle Boards

Transporting paddle boards can be a challenge, but with inflatable paddle boards this isn’t a problem anymore. At The Wetsuit Centre, our inflatable SUP boards are easy to pump up, can be transported around easily and are available at excellent prices. We stock some of the most popular and renowned brands, including Naish and Red SUP boards, which comes with everything you need such as a carry case, paddle and pump. This package that comes with inflatable paddle boards makes it easy for people to get into the water sport, allowing them to have fun and get fit.

Despite these boards being inflatable, they’re not flimsy and are tougher than you may think. Pets can still enjoy a lift on inflatables SUPS just like normal, too! Although the inflatable paddle boards are sturdy, if you fall whilst paddling, the inflatable SUP is a softer surface to land on and you’re less likely to feel the impact, which is perfect for children and those new to paddle boarding. 

Inflatable SUP Boards

Our inflatable SUP boards are easy to inflate and are very sturdy for everyone to use. If you are unable to transport a paddle board around, or if you don’t live near the beach then our inflatable SUP boards are ideal. When you take part in paddle boarding, it’s imperative that you have a board that will last and is high quality. Fortunately, all of our inflatable paddle boards are reliable and suitable for all abilities. Our extensive range of inflatable SUP boards mean that you can find the one that ticks all your boxes and is the right choice for you.

Get Involved With The Inflatable SUP Life

An inflatable SUP is more convenient than a traditional hard SUP board, due to the conveniences and benefits. As you can deflate inflatable SUP boards, they can be stored easily and carried around in a bag. Therefore, you can take your inflatable SUP in your vehicle or even on an aeroplane, so you can enjoy SUP boarding no matter where you are in the world. As well as being easy to deflate and store, inflatable SUP boards are also very lightweight so you can carry them on your own. You have the ease and the freedom to pack up an inflatable paddle board and just pop them in a bag and carry on with your activities for the day or stow it away in your car or van.

Despite being easy to fold up into your bag, inflatable paddle boards are immensely strong and durable, meaning that they have great longevity. Tears and rips are less frequent, providing you don’t drop your inflatable SUP on a sharp object. In addition to being durable, these inflatable paddle boards are also versatile, so they can be used in different types of water. Some of the bigger inflatable SUP boards are big enough to paddle with children on board too. If you would like more information about our inflatable SUP boards, get in touch with our team, today.