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Wetsuit Tops & Jackets

Wetsuit Tops & Jackets

Wetsuit Tops and Wetsuit Jackets

Wetsuit Centre has an fantastic selection of wetsuit tops & wetsuit jackets and wetsuit shorts & thermal under shorts for Men, Women & Kids.

We ensure that we only stock the best brands including Rip Curl, O'Neill, Roxy & Quiksliver.

Wetsuit jackets and tops are great for use in warm waters to take the edge of cooler breezes or the morning surf. Jackets and tops are generally made from stretchy neoprene which forms a barrier of water against the skin and the neoprene which heats to the same temperature as your body and retains the heat thus you stay warmer for longer.

When Should You Wear A Wetsuit Jacket Or Wetsuit Top?

A Wetsuit jacket is designed for use in the summer months when a full wetsuit might be to much in terms of warmth and restriction. Surfers use these tops in the colder mornings on summer days for extra protection against the cold morning winds. Most wetsuit tops are of a 1mm thickness and simply go on like a tee shirt would. Some have a front or back zip to make it easier to get on and off. Although you find that pretty much all the tops are made from a super stretch neoprene material giving you the maximum in flex. The tops work buy trapping a layer of water between you and the neoprene then your body heat maintains the temperature keeping you nice and warm.

If you are traveling on a surf trip to Indo or Australia then speaking from experience they are so good in the mornings where the ocean maybe be nice and warm but the slight off shore breeze can make your body cold. In the UK these tops are usually used by people involved in surface water sports such as jet ski, wake boarders and SUP enthusiasts. As our sea never really reaches temperatures where by it can keep you warm for long periods of time. If however you enjoy a swim in the sea and need to take the edge of of the cooler waters then these wetsuit tops and wetsuit jackets could be the perfect solution.