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Diving Wetsuits

Diving Wetsuits

Wetsuits For Diving

Diving Wetsuits from the Wetsuit experts, we stock a good range of diving wetsuits so when you need a wetsuit for the warm water or something for the coldest winter months we are able to help. We stock both winter diving suits and summer suits so if the water is colder or you are diving to greater depths you will still stay warm. If this is the case then look for a 7mm suit as this is designed for extreme temperatures. The summer versions are in 3mm or 5mm again depending on the water temp that you will be using them in. All the suits are compressed neoprene which means that when you use them they will not be effected by the compression. Great products that we supply are from the likes of Xcel Thermoflex, O'Neill Sector Diving Wetsuits.