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A wetsuit is a serious investment that needs a lot of consideration, so it's essential to explore all your options before you dive in and make the purchase. The best route to explore first is that of the big-name brands, which have spent years building their reputation as some of the best manufacturers in the game. Xcel produces fantastic summer and winter wetsuits for men and women and has also created awesome junior and youth wetsuits for both boys and girls. So it is clear why Xcel wetsuits are some of the most popular on the market! The varying thickness, split into 'winter' and 'summer' categories, means you can base your purchase on the average temperature of the water you plan to use the wetsuits by Xcel. Whether you spend most of your time in tropical waters or the slightly less forgiving temperatures of the British coast, Xcel wetsuits emphasise performance. When you think of Xcel wetsuits, you think of three things – maximum stretch and durability, sealed-seam construction and a fit that feels custom-made every time.

Xcel Infiniti Wetsuit

Xcel’s premium wetsuit is considered to be the Infiniti range, which includes a collection of full-length wetsuits, hooded jackets, wetsuit hoods, gloves and boots. The quality of the design and materials that went into the Xcel Infiniti collection is well above average, making it one of the best wetsuits and wetsuit accessories when it comes to value for money. Some of the high-performing features included in the Xcel Infiniti range are their channel flex neoprene and engineered fitting system; the list goes on and on.

Xcel Wetsuits For Women

At Wetsuit Centre, we have an excellent range of women's wetsuits from Xcel. When creating these wetsuits, Xcel focused on warmth and flexibility, producing some of the most thermally beneficial wetsuits out there! We have available wetsuits suitable for both summer and winter use, with full and shorty style suits made by the brand.

Xcel Wetsuits For Men

The range of men's wetsuits from Xcel is extensive; we have wetsuits to suit a a variety of specifications and budgets, as well as for both summer and wintertime use. One of the best options, when you are on a budget, is the Xcel Comp Wetsuit. This wetsuit sits at a mid-range price point, yet has performance-grade features. Such as a chest zip entry system and the use of Channel Flex, a Hydrophobic Channelled textile which has great stretch, reduced weight and repels water.

Xcel Wetsuits Accessories

It's not just wetsuits that Xcel creates either; they also have a collection of accessories to assist you in the water. Xcel released one of the warmest wetsuit hoods on the market for its thickness, the Drylock wetsuit hood. For extra warmth and protection against the winter water temperatures, Xcel also has a thermal vest with an attached hood to provide your core with additional protection against cold water flushing through your suit. It doesn't end there; Xcel also has countless types of wetsuit gloves, each of which is suitable for a variety of water sports and requirements, so you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for in the glove department.

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  1. Xcel Infiniti 5mm Split Toe Wetsuit Boots
    As low as £65.95
  2. drylock 5mm wetsuit boots
    As low as £99.95
  3. Xcel Infiniti 5mm Wetsuit Mittens
    As low as £51.95
  4. Xcel Comp 4/3mm Wetsuit
    As low as £219.95
  5. Xcel Insulate Hooded Thermal Vest
    As low as £54.95
  6. Xcel Comp 5/4mm Wetsuit
    As low as £229.95
  7. Xcel Infiniti X2 6/5mm Mens Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - Black
    As low as £399.95
  8. Xcel Drylock 5mm Round Toe Wetsuit Boot 2021 - Black - Full View
    As low as £99.95
  9. Xcel Infiniti 5mm 3 Finger Wetsuit Glove - Black - Full View
    As low as £51.95
  10. Xcel Comp 3mm Split Toe Wetsuit Boots
    As low as £47.95
  11. Xcel Infiniti 1mm Split Toe Boots
    RRP: £53.50
    As low as £29.95

    You save:

  12. Xcel Infiniti 7mm Round Toe Wetsuit Boots 2022 - Black - Full View
    As low as £67.95
  13. Xcel Infiniti 5/4mm Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit  - Black - Front
    As low as £389.95
  14. Xcel Comp 5/4mm Mens Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit - Dark Forest - Front
    As low as £229.95
  15. Xcel Infiniti 8mm Roundtoe Wetsuit Boots 2021 - Black - Full View
    As low as £75.95
  16. Xcel Infiniti 3mm Split Toe Wetsuit Boots
    RRP: £54.95
    As low as £29.95

    You save:

  17. Xcel Reef Walker 1mm Wetsuit Shoes - Black
    As low as £27.95
  18. Xcel Drylock 5/4mm Mens Chest Zip Wetsuit 2022 - Black - Front
    As low as £449.95
  19. Xcel Infiniti 5mm Round Toe Boots  - Black
    As low as £65.95
  20. Xcel Drylock 7mm Wetsuit Glove
    As low as £74.95
  21. xcel infiniti wetsuit boots
    As low as £59.95
  22. Xcel Infiniti x2 4/3mm wetsuit
    As low as £329.95
  23. Xcel Comp X 5.5/4.5mm Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Black
    As low as £459.95
  24. Xcel Infiniti  X2 5/4mm Mens Winter Wetsuit - Black - Front
    As low as £349.95
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