Triathlon & Swimming Wetsuits

Triathlon & Swimming Wetsuits

Triathlon Wetsuits

If you are considering swimming in the winter months then you will need a multi-purpose triathlon wetsuit like the O'Neill Epic winter 5mm suit. For summer triathlons or just general open water swimming then we have a great range to get you in the water in comfort & warmth. We stock only the best brands such as  Blu Smooth which is a brand from South Africa and has been designed by an ex triathlete that knows exactly what is required in a suit. Blu Smooth swimming wetsuits use the best neoprene's on the market to give you unbelievable flexibility and warmth in the water. Speedo is a more known brand and we choose the best from there range in terms of pricing and quality. 

Triathlon Wetsuits For Sale

Triathlon’s are incredibly demanding, combining the skills and determination of an athlete to swim, run and bike some of the most impressive terrains. This sequential endurance competition requires more than just willpower however – you will need a dedicated triathlon wetsuit too. Depending on the month in which you are running, and the type of water that you are set to swim, a triathlon wetsuit can offer unrivalled performance while ensuring that it is adaptable enough to be used at each stage of the race. In our triathlon wetsuit sale, you can find wetsuits which are designed to be used for different purposes – the long sleeve, long leg wetsuit is ideal for some of the colder waters – open water swims in the sea can be particularly demanding in winter months so making sure you are prepared with a specific wetsuit designed for this is imperative to protect you from the harsh waters. Further to this, if you require a swimming hood or short legged swimsuit you can be certain to find this here, too.

Alongside male triathlon wetsuits and unisex wetsuits, we offer a specifically designed women’s triathlon wetsuit range, which can come in a number of colours in order to allow you to stand out during your race. Whether you’re looking for a women’s triathlon wetsuit, a male specific wetsuit or unisex, our triathlon wetsuit sale is certain to provide you with a product to suit your requirements.