Surfboard Bags

Surfboard Bags

Surfboards Bags & Travel Cases

When you have paid out all of that hard earned cash to buy your new surfboard or bodyboard, you are going to want to protect it. We have pulled together a great selection of Board Bags from the best brands on the market like Creatures Of Leisure, FCS and Bulldog to ensure that you can enjoy the very best quality to keep your board safe during transit. We offer a wide range of surfboard bags to suit boards of all shapes and sizes and ensure maximum protection from scratches to surface damage. This is perfect for those who have a veneer on their board as the surfboard bag will protect the wax and ensure that it is preserved. No matter the shape of your board or your budget, we have a bag that suits you to make sure that your equipment stays in best possible condition use after use.

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Some of the bags that we sell also feature the ability to house one or two boards which are perfect for those who are travelling with a friend or loved one, or who are looking for options depending on the size of the waves. This, therefore, allows you options when out on the water so that you can enjoy your surf to the fullest and with weather resistant material, you can rest assured knowing your board is fully defended between uses.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us on 01202 302 943 for any additional information and we will help to find the right bag for you.