Surfboard Bags

Surfboard Bags And Surfboard Travel Cases 

Surfboards can be very fragile things when handled in the wrong way. When you have paid out all of that hard-earned cash to buy your new surfboard or bodyboard, you are going to want to protect it. We have pulled together a great selection of Board Bags from the best brands on the market, like Creatures Of Leisure, FCS and Bulldog, to ensure that you can enjoy the very best quality to keep your board safe during transit. We offer a wide range of surfboard bags to suit boards of all shapes and sizes and ensure maximum protection from scratches to surface damage. This is perfect for those who have a veneer on their board, as the surfboard bag will protect the wax and ensure that it is preserved. No matter the shape of your board or your budget, we have a bag that suits you so your equipment stays in the best possible condition after use.

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  1. Global Mini Mal / Mal 24/7 Surfboard Bags - Grey
    RRP: £54.95
    As low as £43.95

    You save:

  2. Bulldog Essential Longboard 5mm Core Board Bag - Grey/Cyan - Full View
    As low as £54.95
  3. Circle One Double Surfboard Travel Bag - Red
    As low as £99.95
  4. Global Mini Mal / Mal 10mm Surfboard Bag - Black
    As low as £99.95
  5. Northcore New Addiction 5mm 6'4ft Shortboard Fish Bag - Grey - Full View
  6. Northcore 8ft NEW Addiction Mini-Mal Surfboard Bag  - Grey - Full View
  7. Ocean & Earth Compact Day Shortboard Cover
    As low as £84.95
  8. Bulldog Longboard 5mm Core Board Bag - Black/Cyan - Full View
    As low as £79.95
  9. Bulldog Essential Mini Mal 5mm Core Board Bag - Grey/Cyan - Full View
    As low as £49.95
  10. Ocean & Earth Barry Basic 7'6 Fish Board Bag Cover - Silver - Full View
  11. Ocean & Earth Barry Basic Longboard Cover
    As low as £69.95
  12. Ocean & Earth Aircon Fish or Fun Board Cover
    As low as £119.95
  13. Ocean and Earth Barry Basic Shortboard Cover - 6ft - Full View
  14. Australian Board Company Surfboard Travel Bag - Blue
    As low as £59.95
  15. Circle One Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Travel Bag in Blue
    As low as £119.95
  16. Circle One Skimboard Travel Bag (fits all boards up to 56inch)
    As low as £44.95
  17. Northcore New Addiction 5mm 6ft Shortboard Fish Bag - Grey - Full View
  18. Northcore 9'6" NEW Addiction Surfboard Bag - Grey - Full View
  19. Ocean & Earth Compact Day Longboard Cover - 10ft - Full View
  20. Bulldog Mini Mal 5mm Core Board Bag - Black/Cyan - Full View
    As low as £69.95
  21. Surflogic Stretch Board 6'0" Fish/Hyrbid Cover - Black - Full View
  22. Ocean & Earth Barry Basic Sup Board Cover
    As low as £119.95
  23. Ocean & Earth Triple Compact Fish Cover - Black / Red
    As low as £174.95
  24. FCS Stretch Fun Board Cover - Stone Blue
    As low as £43.95
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Travel Surfboard Bags 

We have all heard horror stories of the way baggage handlers at the airport treat our luggage; this becomes even more of an issue when travelling with a surfboard. If knocked in the wrong way, it can cause dings and cracks in the rails, nose or tail of the board, rendering the board unusable until fixed. Nobody wants to arrive at their dream surf holiday only to discover their board has been dinged to hell, so travelling with it in a protective case, like an Ocean & Earth compact board bag, is essential. Whether you want to surf Domes in Puerto Rico or keep things closer to home on the UK shores, we have the surfboard bags to keep your board safe wherever you travel

Transporting Your Quiver 

If you are travelling to foreign shores for an extended surf holiday, then you might find yourself struggling to decide which of your boards to take! Each style requires a slightly different board, and each type of wave works best with a certain type of board. Even the smallest difference in the shaping can cause a board to feel entirely different on a wave. Therefore, if you can't pick just one board to take, why not take them all? r at least three of them. With our 3-board surfboard bag, you can safely transport three shortboards to any corner of the world without worrying they will be damaged. 

Surfboard Roof Racks 

Chances are you aren't one of the lucky ones who live within walking distance of the shoreline. Therefore you will be driving or cycling your way to the water for a surf session. We have a range of surfboard roof racks and other transportation equipment available to make transporting your surfboards that much easier and safer. 

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