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No matter whether it is summer or winter, there is one thing that is guaranteed to ruin what would otherwise be a fantastic day surfing. Regardless of the weather, the number of people in the water or the luck you’re having with the waves, nothing quite touches a nerve like skin inflammation caused by the rubbing of your wetsuit and your board. Here at Wetsuit Centre, our range of men’s rash vests are designed to consign this issue to the past and with a  wide selection of products available for purchase, there’s plenty of choice. In terms of the popularity of men’s rash vests, they are certainly something that has made the transition from luxury accessory to necessary attire for many boarders across the world. Nowadays, it isn’t just the preserve of professionals to prevent constant irritation whilst out on their boards, but for surfers of any age and discipline. Here at Wetsuit Centre, we are well aware of the discomfort caused by abrasion when paddling and for that reason, we are committed to stocking the best in quality when it comes to men’s rash vests. There are a number of reasons why you may require one of the rash vests available on our site. Long periods of time in the sea can cause your skin to become sensitive, and the abrasive sea salts and sand which are rubbing against your body the entire time can lead to inflammation and can even cut the skin. This is where a men’s rash vest is handy.

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  1. Black
    As low as £22.00
  2. O'Neill Basic Sun Shirt
    As low as £26.95
  3. C Skins mens turtle neck rash blue vest
    As low as £21.95
  4. O'Neill Premium Skins Short Sleeve Top
    As low as £31.95
  5. Mystic Star Short Sleeve Quickdry Rash Tee - Navy - Front
    As low as £32.95
  6. Mystic Bipoly Thermo Long Sleeve Mens
    As low as £49.95
  7. Mystic Majestic Mens Short Sleeve Rash Vest 2021 - Dark Leaf - Front
    As low as £39.95
    As low as £24.95
  9. Orca Heat Seeker Mens Vest - Black - Front
    As low as £53.95
  10. Helly Hansen Tech Crew L/S Mens Shirt - Ebony
    As low as £24.95
  11. Mystic Event Mens Short Sleeve Chest Logo Rash Vest - Red - Front
    As low as £29.95
  12. Xcel Insulate-X  Mens Long Sleeve Shirt 2022 - Graphite
    As low as £37.95
  13. Mystic Voltage Quickdry Mens Rash Vest 2021 - Night Blue
    As low as £42.95
  14. Sun Protection Top
    As low as £31.95
  15. O'Neill Basic Skins S/S UV50+ Sun Shirt - White
    As low as £19.95
  16. Helly Hansen Tech UV Top - White
    As low as £24.95
  17. C Skins X Mens Short Sleeve Rash Vest - Black
    As low as £25.00
  18. Orca Swim Wetsuit Unisex Base Layer - Black
    As low as £54.95
  19. 3342-025 Basic Skins O'Neill
    As low as £27.95
  20. O'Neill Rash Vests
    As low as £44.99
  21. White
    As low as £27.00
  22. Mystic Chiller Hooded Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Black
    As low as £54.95
  23. Zone3 Neoprene Long Sleeve Mens Under Wetsuit Baselayer - Black - Front
    As low as £64.95
  24. Orca Base Layer Mens Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Black
    As low as £54.95
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Buy A Men’s Rash Vest

While the original purpose of the rash vest is for inflammation prevention, the development of the technology used to produce wetsuits has caused this to alter somewhat in recent years. For those of us lucky enough to be surfing in high temperatures on a regular basis, they double up as protection vests against the sun’s powerful rays. This is important even if the sun doesn’t appear to be that hot on the skin, as UV rays can penetrate and burn very easily. If we look at many of the protective vests on the market today, you’ll find that the majority of brands manufacture their products in order to provide protection equivalent to factor 50, helping to make the addition of a men’s rash vest to your surfing wardrobe more important than ever. For people who don’t want to keep going out of the water to remain protected, these vests are absolutely perfect – they are a comfortable, affordable solution to the problems faced by surfers every single day. Here at Wetsuit Centre, our wide range of brands mean that you can choose from some of the biggest names in water sports attire in your efforts to remain rash-free and protected each and every time you enter the water. There are a number of different styles to choose from in our selection of men’s rash vests, some which are baggy and others which are much tighter as well as long sleeve and short sleeve, to suit your exact requirements. This can ensure that you are as protected and comfortable as you want to be at all times, helping to make your surfing and watersports experience as great as possible. Browse our range of men’s rash vests, today.