Rip Curl Wetsuits

Mens, Womens & Kids Wetsuits by Rip Curl

Rip Curl have made their name in the world of men’s and women’s wetsuits with the flash bomb and dawn patrol wetsuit range. We’re not exactly blessed with the warmest weather in the UK. We aren’t just plagued by cold wind and rain; our little island sits right in the cool stream of the North Atlantic Drift. This makes any seaside time in Britain relatively cold, regardless of the temperature of the sun. And that’s why you’ll see the majority of Cornish and Devon surfboarders kitted out in Rip Curl Flash Bomb Wetsuits. Showing off your body in your board shorts is all good and well, but to enjoy water sports on a regular basis in the UK or Europe, you’re going to need a wetsuit of your own – why not make it a Rip Curl?

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  1. Rip Curl Freelite 3/2mm Womens Back Zip Wetsuit 2021 - Black
    As low as £94.95
  2. Rip Curl Freelite Short Sleeve Womens Shorty Wetsuit 2021 - Black
    As low as £54.95
  3. rip curl freelite 5/3mm wetsuit
    As low as £129.95
  4. Rip Curl freelite 5/3mm Women's Wetsuit
    As low as £129.95
  5. Rip Curl Freelite 4/3 wetsuit
    RRP: £134.95
    As low as £119.94

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  6. Rip Curl Omega 5/3mm  Junior Winter Wetsuit - Neon Lime - Front
    As low as £109.95
  7. Rip Curl Omega 5/3mm  Junior Girls Winter Wetsuit - Purple - Front
    As low as £109.95
  8. Rip Curl Freelite 4/3mm Women's Wetsuit
    As low as £134.95
  9. Rip Curl Summer Breeze Womens Relaxed Long Sleeve in White
    As low as £40.95
  10. Rip Curl Freelite 4/3mm Kids Wetsuit
    As low as £104.95
  11. Rip Curl Freelite 3/2mm Back Zip Mens Wetsuit 2022 - Black
    As low as £89.95
  12. Rip Curl Womens Omega 1.5mm Short Sleeve Spring Wetsuit 2021 - Green  - Close Up
    As low as £64.95
  13. Rip Curl Freelite 3/2mm Back Zip Junior Wetsuit - Black
    As low as £64.99
  14. Rip Curl Junior Omega 4/3mm Steamer Wetsuit
    As low as £99.95
  15. Women's Omega 4/3 wetsuit
    As low as £154.95
  16. Rip Curl Omega GBS Mens 4/3mm Wetsuit
    RRP: £139.95
    As low as £118.94

    You save:

  17. Rip Curl Golden Rays Womens UV Rash Vest 2021 - Mid Blue - Front
    As low as £22.95
  18. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 2mm Womens Shortie Wetsuit 2022 - Black
    As low as £109.95
  19. Rip Curl Golden Rays Short Sleeve Womens Rash Vest in Coral
    As low as £19.95
  20. Rip Curl Women's Summer Breeze Relaxed Rash Vest - White
    As low as £35.95
  21. Rip Curl Omega 3/2mm Womens Wetsuit
    As low as £129.95
  22. Rip Curl Golden Rays L/Sleeve UV Top - Light Aqua
    As low as £21.95
  23. Rip Curl Womens Dawn Patrol 2/2mm Long Sleeve Shorty Wetsuit 2021 - Black - Front View
    As low as £99.99
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Wetsuits from Rip Curl

We’re proud to be providing keen water athletes with the kit that they need to both endure the elements and look the part when they hit the waves. Stocking Rip Curl wetsuits emphasises our belief that our customers deserve the very best in water sport kit.

In the UK the maximum seaside temperature will never rise above 16 Celsius, and even at that temperature a long period of time in the water can result in hypothermia without the proper protection. Even during the summer months, it is entirely possible to get hypothermia in less than three hours. Rip Curl wetsuits are among some of the best in the world at preventing cold conditions. Rip Curl wetsuits protect against hypothermia by protecting the body against the cold by trapping a thin layer of water next to your body. This layer of water is warmed by your body and acts as a shield against the sea.

Anyone who has done any water sports can tell you just how good Rip Curl wetsuits are. The water sport giants are experts in producing quality kit for a variety of water based activities. The fact that Rip Curl have been providing people with a very particular product for over 45 years just goes to show that they know they’re stuff, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down! Rip Curl wetsuits was born on the beaches of Australia where surfers wanted to be in the water for longer. Rip Curl started to produce some of the best wetsuits on the market using the latest in technology and the evolution has been fast; from the first super stretch wetsuits using the Elastomax to the present day’s E4 one of the lightest and most flexible materials to be used. We even have the new Flash Bomb thermal lining which acts in the same way as thermal underwear but in your wetsuit keeping you super warm in the coldest of conditions. All the Rip Curl wetsuits are tested by the world’s best surfers including Mick Fanning and Gabriel Medina.

Rip Curl have always set the standard for wetsuits and they continue to push the boundaries of what makes a good suit. Recent developments include Thermal wetsuits such as the Rip Curl Flash Bomb which is designed to dry in 15 minutes, allegedly faster than any other rash vest on the market, and the H-Bomb which is a heated rash vest, the very first of its kind.

Rip Curl don’t just consider the basic requirements of water athletes, we stock a number of accessories that improve your overall experience when down on the beach, river or lake. Rip Curl’s waterproof watches are well regarded by expert water athletes and waterproof duffel bags are also extremely practical for keeping your kit safe and sound. How about a Hooded Changing Towel to negotiate those tricky seaside changes? We don’t just stock Rip Curl Wetsuits, we offer up a whole manner of products that will complete your experience.

Why wear a wetsuit?

The obvious purpose of a wetsuit is to keep you warm in the cold water. And although we already know that Rip Curl wetsuits can protect you from the cold there are other benefits to be had from owning and wearing a Rip Curl wetsuit. We’ve discussed that it is important to wear a wetsuit throughout the year, even during the summer because of the risk of hypothermia, but on the other end of the scale, if you remain out of the water during the summer there is a large chance that you may burn. Rip Curl wetsuits are built to withstand many elements, and that includes the sun. That’s right, Rip Curl wetsuits can also prevent sunburn.

Wetsuits are, in general, designed to protect you from the elements, not just from being cold, but from getting burnt, and the best wetsuits, such as Rip Curl wetsuits will be wind resistant and might even include thermal technology to help you dry/stay warm for longer.

But wetsuits don’t just protect you from elements, they also offer physical protection. Rip Curl wetsuits are well-crafted and give you extra protection from bumps and scrapes that you can pick up from rocks, shell and other objects. Wetsuits certainly aren’t indestructible, but they will provide you with greater protection than nothing at all!

Lastly, because Rip Curl wetsuits are designed out of neoprene, they offer a certain amount of buoyancy. They don’t act the same as a life preserver or jacket, but it does distribute your weight and make you slightly lighter.

So what are you waiting for? It’s always water sports season when you’ve got a Rip Curl wetsuit.