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Kids Open Water Swim & triathlon Wetsuits

Here at Wetsuit Centre we are passionate about being in the water enjoying your sport and staying fit. Swimming in the sea has become more and more popular every year and there is nothing like the feeling of freedom whilst exercising. We offer a huge range of Kids Open Water Swim Wetsuits from the leading brands such as Orca, Zone3 & Blu Smooth. An Open Water Swim wetsuit works by having different thicknesses of neoprene throughout the suit designed to elevate your body in the water for the best swim position. The neoprene is also soft super stretch enabling you to move without restriction so you can swim for longer in comfort. For those more competitive we have a range of Kids Triathlon suits that use all the latest technology so you can perform at your best.


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  1. Orca Kids Open Squad Swim Wetsuit 2021 - front
    As low as £109.00
  2. z3 kids
    RRP: £138.95
    As low as £124.95

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  3. C Skins UV Boys and Girls  Shorty Sunsuit - Turquoise
    As low as £23.00
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