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Born in Hawaii in the summer of 1971, Lightning Bolt was comprised of Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley at the time of its inception. Forty years since first born, the brand has reintroduced itself in the United States and internationally.

Lightning Bolt at its core represents a philosophy that surfing, in its truest form, is a way of life rather than just another sport. Those behind the brand redefined surfing in the 70s as the sport and the lifestyle that surrounded it moved away from the traditions of the past and exploded into a new frontier of progression. Today the Bolt is still a symbol that embodies the spirit of that mythical antihero. The brand celebrates the passion of the individual and how surfing is one of the purest ways people can connect to nature while at the same time using it as a canvas for self-expression.

The Lightning Bolt brand opens up the countless opportunities for technological progression both in and out of the water. The company prides itself on manufacturing premium product for the conscious surfer that emphasises quality, style and utility as well as supporting local manufacturing where possible. The brand maintains a strong global presence and place in culture and is poised for continued growth. Lightning Bolt remains committed to the ethos so aptly captured in its logo; Lightning Bolt: A Pure Source.

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