Torq Surfboards Putting Fun Into Your Surfing.

Torq Surfboards were launched in 2012 and have quickly become the go to provider of high quality epoxy surfboards that can be be ridden no matter what your level of surfing. The very robust construction makes for a perfect first board where the generous volume given to the boards will make it very easy for you to catch waves with ease. It is also the perfect family board where unlike a fibre glass board having the board damaged is far less likely to happen. So the whole family can enjoy the ride and benefit from not only a great board but a fantastic price too.

If you are a more experienced surfer then this board opens up another fun world of surfing too. As the extra volume is great for having fun in weaker waves and summer conditions. The great thing is that not only will you be able to catch a huge amount of waves the shapes are performance so you will still be able to turn with ease and throw a bit of spray. A great travel board to as the epoxy construction means you are less likely to end up with a damaged board after the flight to your surf destination.

Whatever your level of surfing Wetsuit Centre stocks a great range of boards and can order in if you are after a particular model, so if you need advice or need a certain board please give us a call.

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  1. Torq MOD Fish Surfboard - White Pinline
    As low as £458.95
  2. Torq Channel Islands Pod Mod 5ft6
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