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Wetsuit Centre stocks a huge range of Surfboards to suit all abilities from beginner to expert and the retro style boards are fast becoming a popular alternative to performance shortboards when choosing the next board to progress to.  We stock all the latest, Retro,  Fish and Fun Surfboards from Spider Surfboards, BIC, Lost Surfboards, Cortez, Webber Surfboards, NSP, Adams Surfboards, Circle One, Sevens and Firewire for those wanting their first board, through to shapes that will test the seasoned expert. All our boards are offered with Free Next Day Delivery and if you need to find out a little more, check out our video reviews or contact the team for an unbiased opinion.

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  1. NSP Elements 7ft 2 Surfboard
  2. NSP PU Magnet 7'2 PU Surfboard - Sky Blue
  3. NSP Elements HDT 6ft 4 Fish Surfboard - Ocean Blue - Full View
  4. Rebel 6ft 8 Mid Length Resin Tint Surfboard - Resin Blue
    As low as £499.95
  5. NSP Cocoflax 7'6" Dream Rider Surfboard
  6. NSP Elements 7'2" Fish Surfboard - Ocean Blue - Full View
  7. NSP Elements 6'8" Fish Surfboard - Ocean Blue - Front
  8. Lost RNF Retro 5'6" Surfboard - White
    RRP: £604.99
    Our Price: £549.95

    You save:

  9. Lost Hydra 5'6" Surfboard - White
    RRP: £619.99
    Our Price: £579.95

    You save:

  10. Softech Kyuss King Fish 5'8" Softboard - Checkered
  11. NSP Cocoflax 7'2 Dream Rider Surfboard
  12. NSP Cocoflax Dream Rider Surfboard
  13. NSP Elements 7ft 6 Surfboard
  14. NSP Elements Fish Surfboard
  15. Rebel Bean Surfboard - White
    As low as £399.95
  16. Rebel Hybrid Shortboard Surfboard - White
    As low as £349.95
  17. Softech Bomber 5'10" Softboard in Green/White
    RRP: £379.95
    Our Price: £337.95

    You save:

  18. Softech Bomber 6ft 10 Green
  19. NSP Elements 6'4 Fish Surfboard - Ocean Blue
  20. NSP Elements HDT Fun Tail Dip Surfboard - Navy-7ft 2
  22. NSP Elements Tinder 6' Surfboard - Aqua
  23. NSP Elements Fish HD Surfboard 2021 - White - Top
    As low as £424.95
  24. NSP Magnet PU 6'8" Surfboard - Sky Blue - Top
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Retro Fun Boards For Sale

Fun, Fish Tail & Retro surfboards are all about having as much fun as possible. Compared to the performance style boards of the 90’s and 00’s, retro boards, such as twin fin fish tails and eggs, aid in a smoother flowy ride synonymous to traditional style surfing, while still giving you the ability for sharp and precise manoeuvres.  Every serious surfer should have a board that replicates the flow and classical feel of a retrospective surfboard. This category contains boards that are true to the designs created before the 90's as well as boards inspired by these shapes but are refined to have a more high-performance edge. The Fishtail ranges in dimensions from 5ft5” to 7ft in length, 18.5” to 21” width, and between 2.25” to 3” in thickness. However the shorter and fatter the board, the closer it is to the original designs of the 70’s. Perfect for beginners surfers or surfers wanting to transition to more intermediate waves, the fish will catch a lot of waves as it sits high on the water with its super buoyant nature. Overall it is a fantastic board for any surfer to have in their quiver!

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