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Surf Wear Clothing

When it comes to staying warm after surfing or just looking stylish and different from the norm then Wetsuit Centre has some of the best clothing products from the surfing industries leading brands. Surf wear originated from the beaches of Australia and California in the early 60's. Surfers had there own lifestyle and identity and the clothing they wore was very much born from the beaches. Soon wetsuit brands started to venture into the clothing market in the basic surfers tee shirts. At the Fore-front was Billabong & Rip Curl born on the beaches of Australia and these soon became worldwide best selling brands. The range and styles exploded in the 90's and even made the fashion cat walks of Paris. Since that time the clothing ranges and popularity has reduced back to it's original roots of surfers needing boardshorts and tee shirts. ONeill at the same time was making it's mark on the beaches of America again born from the inventor of the surfing wetsuit Jack ONeill. He opened the first surf shop selling wetsuits and basic ONeill tee shirts.

Rip Curl & ONeill Clothing

From that time till now brands such as ONeill, Quiksiler, Animal & Rip Curl have been getting back to developing practical surf wear in the form of warm and durable clothing suited to people that get out of the water and then need warm stylish wear. The product ranges goes from wallets, hats, tee shirts to stylish hoodies, summer bikinis and board shorts. The other aspect that surfers need is a good watch for the water and some of the very best watches produced come from Rip Curl. They not only tell the time but tel you tide times and wave count.