Surfboards For Sale

Our surfboards are second to none, so whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been surfing for years, we have the right board in stock for you. We offer a wide range of sizes to suit all sized surfers and all your personal preferences. Turn heads at the beach with a stunning new board bought with confidence at the Wetsuit Centre.

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  1. Paipo Wooden Skimboard - Waikiki
    As low as £23.99
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Surfboards for Beginners

Our beginner range features fantastic surfboards that are designed to help you learn all the basics. They are durable and can catch lots of waves while helping you learn the ropes. If what you’re looking for is a beginner-intermediate board, we stock quality mini mal boards from Cortez and BIC. Beginner surfboards need to be easy to manoeuvre while offering increased stability as you begin to learn your way around the board and the waves. At the Wetsuit Centre, we have a range of surfboards for sale to suit beginners and intermediate surfers, no matter their age. We understand the need for having a light board as a beginner and our range has been picked out by experts to ensure that you are getting the very best board for your abilities. Are you unsure of which surfboard to use? Get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.

Best Surfboards For Progression

If you’re looking for your next board, we have a wide range of mini mal and shortboard surfboards to choose from. We are pleased to stock the best-known brands and a great selection of UK-shaped boards by famous shapers like Adams, Fourth and Sea Stick. No matter the style or size of the board, you can be certain that our range of surfboards in the UK can suit your requirements, every time.

Why choose Wetsuit Centre for boards?

Whether you want to get your hands on the best surfboards, the best stand-up paddle boards or the best skateboards, we have everything you could need. We pride ourselves on stocking the best products at competitive prices, so you really don’t need to look anywhere else when seeking out the best boards. We always put the customer first and our hugely positive customer feedback reflects our commitment to quality.

Skateboarding In The UK

Skateboarding is yet again making a comeback with the younger generation with brands like Penny and Globe. Penny’s are the smaller boards which are used for small tricks and cruising around on. The cool Penny designs have made this the most popular skateboard in the world. Globe, on the other hand, are still at the forefront of the more radical skating with the use of half pipes and rail grinding tricks. If you are more of a classic skater then our range of longboard skateboards will be for you. These are great for cruising down the beach or getting around town.

Browse our range of skateboards and surfboards for sale, today.