Kite Harness

Kite Surfing Harnesses 

Wetsuit centre offers a huge range of Kite Surfing harnesses from the sports leading brands such as Mystic. A Kitesurfing harness is an essential piece of equipment as it connect you to your control bar (through the chicken loop) and transfers the pull of the kite to your waist. As you can imagine, holding the bar and the whole pull of the kite with your hands would be extremely exhausting! This is why we use a harness to leverage the power of the kite. 

Harnesses come in many different shapes and sizes. Mainly, you will have two types: waist harnesses which wrap around your waist or seat harnesses which wrap around your legs and hips (similar to the ones used for rock-climbing or sailing). Seat harnesses generally offer more support and comfort but might restrict your ease of motion if you’re into advanced tricks.

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