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Surfing Accessories

Surfing Accessories

Surf Accessories

We all know that you need more than just a surfboard and wetsuit to go surfing. At the Wetsuit Centre we have put together a large selection of surf accessories so you can get on and enjoy your surfing. We stock a great range of changing robes, changing mats, board bags, leashes, dry bags and backpacks with most of them available with Free Delivery.

We stock a huge range of accessories at the lowest prices available, from tie downs to change matts and leashes we stock all the major brands such at FCS, Northcore, Rhino, Billabong and Rip Curl to name just a few!

Accessories For Surfing

Dry Robes are the perfect garment to wear to not only when you get out of the water but as you are waiting around to either get on a boat or get in the water. They are fleece lined which means you have that cosy wrapped up feeling of being warm and leaving you free to enjoy the experience. We highly recommend the dry robes especially in the winter months as there is no worse feeling than being really cold. They are not cheap but then again we think they are worth every penny whatever your water sport and is one of a number of great surf accessories.