Wakesurf & Water Recreation

Water Sports Recreation & Wakesurf

Live in a landlocked area? Tired of waiting for swell to arrive? Or, simply looking to start up a new hobby? Wakesurf is a rapidly growing sport that uses the wake of a boat or ski to generate artificial waves providing the longest rides of your life! Here at the Wetsuit Centre we supply the leading brands in Wakesurf including the likes of Ronix, Hyperlite, Connelly, O'Brien and Closeout. From beginner to experienced boards, shortboards to longboards we've got you covered! 

If you are keen to get out on the water we have an extensive range of water sports recreational products from leading brands such as Connelly which specialise in inflatable towable's. So when you are out on your boat you can have fun with all the family and safe in the knowledge you have the best equipment possible.