How To Size A Wetsuit For Men, Women & Kids

Getting your wetsuit size right is very important, which is why we created this wetsuit sizing guide! A wetsuit should fit like a second skin, tight but not restrictive, sitting flush against all the nooks and crannies of your body. For example the small of your back in order to keep your kidneys warm, and high on your neck to create a good seal and prevent flushing in the wetsuit. The length in the suit is also very important too ensure a good fit around the torso, especially the shoulders where it is important to keep the maximum amount of flexibility. You will find that is does not make to much difference whether you are buying a winter or summer wetsuit in terms of sizing. The only difference is the thickness so a winter wetsuit will feel tighter than a summer version but the fit should be exactly the same. As we have all sizes in stock for men, women & children then we will be able to kit you out.

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The length is also key with winter wetsuits, as it is likely you will be wearing wetsuit gloves and wetsuit boots, the suit needs to flush to your wrist and ankle in order to create a good seal with the boots and gloves. Wetsuit Manufacturers such as O'Neill, Rip Curl and Billabong have made sizing a wetsuit much easier these days by creating a variety of sizes such as medium tall and large short, making it much easier to find an off the rack wetsuit which fits well. In reality the different manufacturers wetsuits have quite different cuts and shapes, meaning a MT in Billabong may fit you better than a MT in O'Neill, so we created this wetsuit size chart to help.

What Wetsuit Size Should I Buy?

The most important part of sizing your wetsuit is for men the waist and chest measurements as these two factors will ensure you are warm and have the correct suit. It should be pretty flush to the lumber region in your back so that your kidneys are kept warm. If your kidneys stay warm then you will continue to pump warm blood around your body. A little bit of material under the arms is not the end of the world the actual body fir is far more important.

How Should A Wetsuit Fit For Women?

For most women the major factors in deciding the size you need for the wetsuit is generally your current dress size as the wetsuits are really cut for UK women and are generally spot on. The only time this is not the case is if your dress size varies from top to bottom half of your body or you are quite tall or short. If in the first case you are different sizes from top to bottom if you go for the larger of the two sizes this should still give you a very good fit as the neoprene being super stretch will go to your body shape. If you are either tall or short then we have sizes specially made to fit you and the best brands to look at are either O'Neill or Rip Curl Another thing that a lot of women say is they are tight around the neck, fear not as this does go after using in the water and a new wetsuit always feels more restrictive until you are in the water. It does need to be reasonably tight around the neck to stop any water flushing through the wetsuit and making you cold. If you are in any doubt then please feel free to call us for helpful advice.

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    Wetsuit Sizing For Men?

    For men a common thing is saying it is tight on the arms and legs but really don't worry about this as with your first few times of using the suit the material stretches a little and this feeling goes. If you are tall or short then we have just the wetsuits for you, as the brands we stock all make these sizes and we have them in stock. The same goes if you a larger then normal gent as we unlike most online companies stock a good range in larger or smaller sizes. If the body fit is great and you have a little bit of material under the arms then that's really not an issue as the fit above your bum is where it needs to be flush.

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    Wetsuit Sizing For Children

    This is the million dollar question as most parents as it can be expensive to change the wetsuit ever 6 months if they are going through a growth spurt. Saying that the other big mistake is to buy a wetsuit that is far to big for your child as this will just mean they will get cold. If you are going to buy a wetsuit that is a little bit bigger for them to grow into then make sure there is not a huge amount of material that you can grab in the lumber region as that is where the water will sit and they will get cold quickly. It does not matter to much if it is too long on the arms and legs as this has no additional warmth properties. In terms of sizing them the most important factors are waist and chest measurements as these two points will ensure they stay warm. If they are much taller than the size guide shows the just go to the next size up providing it is not a massive leap around the chest and kidneys. If you are in any doubt then please call us. So start by checking your size here, watch the video guide we created above, check out our you tube channel for hundreds of wetsuit reviews, and feel free to call on 01202 302943 for further information.

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