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Women’s Open Water And Triathlon Wetsuits

Wetsuit Centre are passionate about getting you in the water with the right equipment so you can make the most of your swimming. Wetsuit Centre offers a huge range of Women's Open Water & Triathlon Swimming wetsuits from the best swimming wetsuit brands on the market. An Open Water Swim Wetsuits are designed to not only give you warmth and maximum flexibility in the water but to enhance your swim position. We stock a huge range of Open Water Swim Wetsuits at the best prices from the leading brands such as Orca, Zone3 & Blu Smooth. Suppose you are looking to swim on a competitive level, then why not view our range of Women's Triathlon wetsuits, featuring the very latest in technology so you can swim as fast as possible? The neoprene used is of the very highest of quality giving you incredible flexibility which allows you to perform and progress. Swimming in the sea gives you such a feeling of freedom with the added bonus of being great exercise. It's no wonder that so many people are getting involved in some of the best UK Swimming Spots.

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  1. Zone3 Aspect Womens Breaststroke Wetsuit in Black/Pink
    As low as £178.95
  2. Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Womens Openwater Wetsuit - Black/Orange
    As low as £178.95
  3. Orca Vitalis TRN Womens Openwater Wetsuit - Black
    As low as £218.95
  4. Orca Vitalis Open Water Womens Swimskin Shorty - Black
    As low as £98.95
  5. Zone3 Agile Womens Open Water Swim Wetsuit
    As low as £198.95
  6. Sola Open Water 3/2mm Swim Womens Wetsuit - Black
    As low as £109.95
  7. Orca Athlex Flow Womens Triathlon Wetsuit - Black - Front
    As low as £378.95
  8. Zone3 Womens Vision Open Water Swim Wetsuit - 2021
    RRP: £348.95
    As low as £279.95

    You save:

  9. Zone 3 Lava Womens Short Sleeve Distance Aero Trisuit 2021 - Black/White  - Front
    As low as £194.95
  10. Orca Vitalis Thermal Womens Openwater Wetsuit  - Black/Orange
    RRP: £368.95
    As low as £279.95

    You save:

  11. Women's Swim Wetsuit
    As low as £229.95
    As low as £419.95
  13. Zone 3 Activate Plus Womens Short Sleeve Full Zip Trisuit
    As low as £114.95
  14. Orca Athlex Float Womens Triathlon Wetsuit - Red Buoy - Front
    As low as £238.95
  15. Zone 3 Evolution Swimrun Womens Open Water Wetsuit - 2021 - Front
    As low as £398.95
  16. Zone 3 Lava Womens Sleeveless Distance Trisuit 2021 - Black/White - Front
    As low as £159.95
  17. Zone3 Active Short Sleeve Womens Trisuit 2021 - Black/Blue
    As low as £89.95
  18. Zone3 Aspect Womens 'Breaststroke' Wetsuit - Black - Front
    As low as £168.95
  19. 2XU Propel 1 Womens Triathlon Wetsuit - Black/Sunset Ombre - Front
    RRP: £249.95
    As low as £149.95

    You save:

  20. Orca Vitalis Womens Openwater Shorty Wetsuit - Black/Orange
    As low as £148.95
    As low as £278.95
  22. Cressi Termico 2mm Womens Long Sleeve Shorty Swimsuit - Black/Pink/White
    As low as £119.95
  23. Zone3 Womens Vanquish-X Swim Wetsuit in Black/Orange
    As low as £698.95
  24. Zone3 Womens Aspire Swim Wetsuit in Black/Purple
    As low as £448.95
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Open Water Swimming Accessories 

You need more than just a wetsuit and a bit of courage to dive into open water. The range of Wetsuit Centre open water swimming accessories covers everything you need to comfortably swim in the cold open ocean, river or lake. 

Open Water Swimming Goggles 

Some goggles are suitable only for pool swimming and won't provide much protection in open waters, so you'll need to bear this in mind when google shopping. Our top picks for open water goggles are: The Zone 3 Vapour Durable Photochromic Swim Goggles are great for outdoor swimming and come with a number of excellent features to ensure you have a stress free swimming experience. The Aspect Swim Goggles are suitable for both pool and open water swimming. The Aspect goggles are created with lucid, crystal-clear lenses with a mirrored or clear finish, a hydro-dynamic design for fast, streamlined swimming. The Zone 3 Attack goggles are built to be flexible. These goggles conform to a wide variety of face and head shapes, with curved lenses for enhanced vision, polarised and photochromic anti-fog treated lenses and a flexible soft silicone frame.

Open Water Swimming Safety Equipment 

Keeping safe in the water is an absolute must, especially for beginner open water swimmers! Items such as the Swim Safety Buoy/Dry Bag not only will keep those on the beach aware of your location in the water, but you can also keep your valuables safe with you. 

Silicone Swimming Caps 

Swimming caps are another essential when open water swimming. Not only do they allow you to be more streamlined as you push your way through the water, but due to the bright colours, they are also another layer of safety precautions; due to their traditionally bright colour, you can easily be spotted in the water. Bright swim caps are recommended and encouraged by swim safety experts, and the Zone3 swim caps are durable, comfortable, and lightweight. Here at Wetsuit Centre, we stock these invaluable swim caps in a vibrant yellow or eye-catching pink.

Other Open Water Swimming Accessories 

For comfort, you may want to invest in other accessories such as a waterproof swim bag, spare towels, or a fleece-lined parka robe to keep you warm after your swim. If you don't enjoy the cold or briskness of open waters, you also might want to try our neoprene swimming clothes such as the Neoprene Swim Cap, Neoprene Swim Gloves or Neoprene Swim Socks. For more information regarding open water swimming and triathlon wetsuits don't hesitate to get in contact with the team at Wetsuit Centre and we can talk you through buying a wetsuit.

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