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​​Stand up paddleboarding has become increasingly more popular with everyone staycationing on our incredible coastline, meaning that the demand for awesome paddle boards has been on the rise. SUP boarding is extremely accessible, no matter your ability when it comes to water sports you can jump on a paddle board and paddle around in no time! They are also an awesome tool for families; due to their size, smaller children can sit on with their parents and enjoy the water if learning to surf or bodyboard isn't for them.We stock top of the range, high-quality products that will ensure an enjoyable paddle board experience no matter your size or ability. Paddle boards can be bulky and difficult to store so if you don't have the space or need a traditional SUP board we also stock a wide range of inflatable stand up paddleboards or ISUP boards. These boards are more flexible, lightweight and are easy to travel with. Most of our boards come in packages so that you have all you need to start your SUP Boarding experience right away!

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  1. OA. 3mm Wetsuit Socks
    RRP: £14.95
    As low as £9.95

    You save:

  2. Waterproof key pouch
  3. Ocean and Earth 9" Longboard and SUP Leash - Black - Full View
  4. NOCO16B
  5. Spinera SUP Leash 2021 - Black - Full View
  6. Beachbum Complete SUP Package New Dawn in Pink/White
    RRP: £398.95
    Our Price: £298.95

    You save:

  7. Bravo Electric Inflator 12 Volt - Red - Parts
    RRP: £29.95
    Our Price: £17.95

    You save:

  8. 5 Litre Dry Bag
  9. Surflogic Waterproof Key Case - Blue
  10. Alder Basic Fin Saver - Black
  11. Red Paddle co 9ft 8 inflatable SUP
  12. Red Paddle Titan Dual Pump
  13. Red Paddle 9'6 Compact Package
  14. Ocean & Earth Floating Phone Case
  15. Ocean & Earth Single SUP/LB Trolley
  16. Ocean & Earth SUP Board Carry Strap
  17. Ocean & Earth SUP or Longboard Wall Rax
  18. Ocean & Earth SUP or Longboard Rap Rax
  19. Northcore SUP Coiled Surf Leash - 10ft
    As low as £27.49
  20. Spinera Light 10'6" Isup Package
  21. Red Paddle Co 11ft Compact Inflatable Sup Package 2023
  22. Spinera Lets Paddle 10'4" Isup
  23. Spinera Supventure 10ft 6 Isup
  24. Ocean and Earth Carbon Adjustable SUP Paddle 2021 - Black - Full View
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Stand up paddle boarding is beneficial for both your mind and body, as it gets you up and out of the house to take part in physical activity. Being in the sea has scientifically proven benefits, so if you don't fancy the thrill of carving up a wave surfing or performing somersaults on a wakeboard then paddle boarding is the perfect relaxing watersport for you! This water sport helps to improve your balance, as you use your core and leg strength to maintain a good balance on the deck to avoid falling off. Many people enjoy paddle boarding as it helps to reduce stress levels, as not only are you focusing on improving your skills, but by having fun with friends and family you can forget about any problems and relax. Despite paddle boarding is a great way to relax, the water sport is also an excellent way to exercise your entire body. While paddling on SUP boards, you will be having a full-body workout, your shoulders and arms will gain strength while you use the paddle to propel you through the water and your core and legs will engage to help you balance on the deck. Not only will you build muscle definition, but your heart will beat faster and your blood vessels will open to increase the flow of oxygen.


In addition to paddleboards, we stock accessories for paddle boards, including the Floating Phone CaseSUP Leash and SUP Board Rail Tape, which are all really beneficial for use whilst out on the board. At The Wetsuit Centre, we also have the Deck Stash SUP Bag, which is great for taking your belongings wherever you go on the paddleboards, like a camera or your phone to get some snaps of the water whilst you’re out there! Ready to get out on the water? Take a look at our ‘Beginners Guide to SUPing’. Why not read up on  ‘Our 8 Tips on Surfing Your SUP’ and head out to the sea with confidence!

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