SUP Boards

SUP boarding has become increasingly more popular in recent years, meaning that the demand for awesome SUP boards has been on the rise. Due to the water sport being accessible to so many people, whether you are a beginner when it comes to surfing or an expert, everyone can enjoy SUP boarding. At The Wetsuit Centre, we have an array of accessories and required equipment for those looking to go SUP boarding, including SUP boards.

We stock top of the range SUP boarding products that are all made from the highest quality and will ensure an enjoyable SUP boarding experience. When it comes to choosing SUP Boards, having paddle boards that are all rounders is ideal, so you can be prepared for any SUP boarding occasion as well as having a suitable board as you progress in ability. The NSP Cocoflax 10ft 6 All Rounder Stand Up Paddle Board is a perfect for all boarders. As stand up paddle boards go, this is an eco-friendly construction and green surfboard technology. With a pulled in round tail, the control and manoeuvrability and speed are all smooth and enjoyable whilst out on the water. SUP boarding technology continues to advance, becoming more innovating and impressive for a well-round and enjoyable paddle boarding experience, which is what we are all about!

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Benefits Of SUP Boarding

SUP boarding is beneficial for both your mind and body, as it gets you up and out of the house to take part in a physical activity. This water sport helps to improve your balance, as you use your core and leg strength to maintain a good balance on paddle boards to avoid falling off. Many people enjoy SUP boarding as it helps to reduce stress levels, as not only are you focusing on improving your skills, but by having fun with friends and family you can forget about any problems and relax.

Despite SUP boarding being a great way to relax, the water sport is also an excellent way to exercise your entire body. While paddling on SUP boards, you will be having a full body workout, including the arms, legs, shoulders and torso. What’s more, as you try to balance, you will work your core, at the same time as using your arms and shoulders when moving the paddle boards forward. Not only will your arms get a workout, but your heart will beat faster and your blood vessels will open to increase the oxygen to your brain. SUP boarding gives you a workout, but whilst having fun, so you won’t even realise that you are benefiting your mind and body.

Accessories For Paddle Boards

In addition to paddle boards, we stock accessories for paddle boards, including the Floating Phone Case, SUP Leash and SUP Board Rail Tape, which are all really beneficial for using whilst out on the board. At The Wetsuit Centre, we also have the Deck Stash SUP Bag, which is great for taking your belongings wherever you go on the paddle boards, like a camera or your phone to get some snaps of the water whilst you’re out there!