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Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boarding is fast becoming one of the most popular water sports in the UK as it is so accessible to so many people. You don't need to be a good surfer to ride a Sup as it is designed that you can either cruise along a river or take a few hours in a sea paddle. Some elements of the sport are based around surfing and already the limits are being pushed in terms waves being ridden. Even water sports legend Laird Hamilton is taking on surf breaks such as Jaws in Hawaii and testing the limits of the sport.

Sup For Fitness

A new element to Sup is the fitness benefits in terms of core strength, and general well being. Even Hollywood stars have been taking to the water to experience not only the pleasure from being on the water but how it can improve your body. Another adaption has been classes running for Yoga which gives you all the benefits of Yoga and as you are balancing on a board increases muscle strength and core fitness. That's the beauty of Stand Up Paddle Board, their are so many options in terms of what you can adapt your enjoyment too.

Inflatable SUP

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards has truly opened up the sport to the masses as the hard board versions can be difficult to not only store but transport to and from the beach. Red Paddle has change everything by producing the best inflatable on the market. It is very easy now to transport as it comes in a very handy travel bag containing the pump, board and paddle. It takes only a few minutes to inflate to Sup and is light to carry to and from the beach. The beauty of the Red Paddle is that it also stays extremely ridged in the water which is essential for a good ride. Other cheaper boards have the tendency to bend which is not only annoying but effects speed and performance. Every surfer or water user should have a board so on the flat sunny beach days you can get out on the water and escape the hassles of everyday life.