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A Mid-length surfboard is designed to sit between a shortboard and longboard, usually between 6’6 to 8 feet. Although the mid-length surfboard may seem like a fairly new concept, it has been around for some time with each year bringing new innovative shapes and designs. Mid-lengths can be a great progression board for a beginner surfer ready to put down their foamie or longboard and turn to a more performance-based design. Perfect for a variety of wave types, a mid-length surfboard is a fantastic addition to your quiver. The shape of the board can be highly refined and suited to whatever types of waves you like to ride. Whether you're hunting the tube or you want to dig that rail in or even try nose riding, there's a mid-length surfboard suited for that purpose — just don't expect to be boosting airs! We love the Pyzel Mid-Length Crisis, which we stock in both 6’10 and 7’2. The Mid Length Crisis can be a fresh feeling addition to your quiver and is a great board to have for those of you who want to try a new approach to the same waves you’ve been surfing forever.

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  1. Rebel Mid Length Surfboard - Clear - Full View
    As low as £399.95
  2. Rebel 6ft 8 Mid Length Resin Tint Surfboard - Resin Blue
    As low as £499.95
  3. Rebel Mid Length Surfboard - Resin Burgundy - Full View
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    As low as £299.95

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  4. Pyzel Mid Length Crisis 7'2" Surfboard - Sand
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Mid-length Surfboards

The mid length surfboard has become increasingly popular in the last few years and if you look at most lineups these days, you’ll notice a lot of surfers on mid length surfboards. This style of board has solidified a place in the quiver of every surfer from beginners right through to the most advanced surfer. Surf a Wider Variety of Conditions: Who doesn’t want to surf more? The mid-length is the most versatile by a mile. A mid-length board will perform in almost all conditions, with paddle power and manoeuvrability it sings all year round! They are adaptable and a hell of a lot of fun! Don't believe us?  Do yourself and favour and try one. It’ll change your surfing forever.

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