Training Equipment

Swim Training Equipment

The more you get into your swimming the more training equipment is on offer for you to get stronger, better technique and remain safe in the water. We offer a huge range of swim equipment from the leading brands such as Orca, Zone3 and Blu Smooth. 

The technology is inspired by the worlds best athletes that are always testing and improving equipment to enhance performance and this is now available for all of us to benefit from. The range includes buoyancy aids that puts your body in better swim positions to bungees that allows you to swim and train with friends. Browse our products today to see how we can help you improve your swimming.

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  1. Ocra Core Mens Hi-Vis Open Water Swim Wetsuit  - front
    As low as £168.95
  2. Orca Swim Hat
    As low as £25.00
  3. Orca Swimrun Calf Guards
    RRP: £44.00
    As low as £24.99

    You save:

  4. Zone3 Neoprene Swim Socks - Black\Red
    As low as £24.95
  5. Orca 2mm Swim Socks 2021 - Black
    As low as £35.00
  6. Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Short Sleeve Ladies Triathlon Suit in Black/Mint
    As low as £129.95
  7. Zone3 Aquaflo+ Sleeveless Womens Trisuit 2021 - Black/Pink - Front
    RRP: £108.95
    As low as £98.95

    You save:

  8. Orca RS1 Thermal  Mens Openwater Wetsuit - Black - Front
    As low as £368.95
  9. Orca Openwater 3mm Swim Gloves 2021 - Black
    As low as £39.00
  10. Orca Neo Swim Cap 2021 - Black/Orange
    As low as £28.99
  11. Zone 3 Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Cap - Black
    As low as £38.95
  12. Swim Wetsuit Gloves
    As low as £44.95
  13. Zone 3 Swim Safety Buoy Belt Pouch 2021 - Orange - Front
    RRP: £34.95
    Our Price: £29.95

    You save:

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