Drysuits for Sailing, Kayaking & Kitesurfing

Here at the Wetsuit Centre, we stock sailing drysuits available in a range of prices and styles to guarantee that you find the right suit for you. Not only are we one of the UK's top wetsuit specialists, we also stock a great range of other sailing products to ensure that all your sailing needs are met. Whether you’re sailing, kayaking, kitesurfing, or wakeboarding, having a drysuit is an essential piece of gear that prevents you from getting wet and helps keep you warm in bad weather conditions. Using drysuits over wetsuits can be beneficial as they keep all water out whilst allowing for more movement and manoeuvrability. To increase your protection when participating in water-based activities, we also offer buoyancy aids and life jackets that are fit for all ages and genders. If you are looking at entry-level or the highest performance equipment, you will find it online at Wetsuit Centre.

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  1. Crewsaver Atacama Sport+ Drysuit in Blue/Black
    As low as £499.95
  2. Typhoon Care4Seals - 37ml
  3. Gul Radiation Technical Fleece Undersuit - Charcoal
    As low as £49.95
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Sailing Drysuits

When sailing, it is crucial that you have the best sailing drysuits to keep you dry no matter the weather during your sail. You can guarantee that your drysuit will keep you bone dry even if you happen to fall or jump into the water, so you will be able to get straight back up and enjoy your sail. We understand that sailing drysuits need to come in multiple sizes, which is why we offer a wide range to cater for every sailor. Whether you are sailing a catamaran or a dinghy, we understand that battling the elements and staying as dry as possible is essential. Each sailing drysuit that we sell is the highest of quality to ensure that you have the best equipment that you require when you are out on the water. Each of the drysuits that we stock is adjustable and has strengthened material around the knees and arms to help protect the material no matter your activity, allowing you to hang off the trapeze wire without a care in the world and enjoy your sail every time.

Dry Suits for Kayaking & Other Water Sports

Whatever water sport you are into, whether it's Sailing, Kayaking, Kitesurfing or Wakeboarding, wearing a drysuit can make all the difference. Not only are we one of the UK's wetsuit specialists, but we also stock a great range of Typhoon Drysuits & Gul Drysuits to suit every different type of water sports and to ensure you can find the right drysuit which matches your budget. We stock kayaking, canoeing and kitesurfing drysuits in a broad range of prices to suit your needs. So, if you are looking at entry-level or the highest-performance equipment, then you can be certain to find it here at the Wetsuit Centre.

Give us a call on 01202 302 943 if you are still not sure which drysuit to choose, and we will point you in the right direction.

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