Longboard Surfboards


When looking for the perfect classic surfboard, you can not go wrong with a trusted longboard, which we have plenty to choose from at Wetsuit Centre. Longboards are an integral part of surfing folklore; with the drawn-out carves and room to rose ride, they are versatile across a range of surfing styles and abilities, plus they are a lot of fun!

We have something for everyone, with great beginners' foam longboards, through to more streamlined variations that are perfect for experienced surfers who enjoy the longboard style but don't want to compromise on performance. Traditionally, the longboard was the first style of board used for surfing when it was first introduced in the Hawaiian Islands. Over the years, many shapers have adapted this traditional design to bring you the best speed and performance for all surfers looking for an exhilarating day out on the water.

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  1. NSP Elements 8ft Surfboard
  2. Ocean & Earth 8'0 EZI Rider Softboard - Purple
  3. NSP 7ft 6 Protech Funboard Surfboard - White
    RRP: £399.95
    Our Price: £329.95

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  4. NSP Elements 8ft6 Longboard - White/Red - Full View
  5. NSP Elements 8'0" Longboard - Red
  6. NSP Elements HDT 8ft 0 Longboard  - Red
  7. NSP Elements HDT 8ft 6 Longboard 2021 in Red
  8. NSP Elements HDT 8ft 6 Longboard Surfboard
  9. NSP Elements 8ft Surfboard
  10. Torq Mini Long 8'0" Surfboard - Seagreen Pinline
  11. Oxbow 7'3 Mini Mal Surfboard 1
  12. NSP CSC 8'6" Butterknife Surfboard - White
  13. NSP CSE Pro-9ft Performance Longboard in White - Top
  14. Ocean and Earth Lazy Dog Ezi Rider 9ft Longboard Softboard - Blue
  15. Australian Board Co Pulse 9ft Epoxy Longboard Surfboard - Red
  16. Australian Board Co Pulse 9ft Epoxy Longboard Surfboard - Blue
  17. Circle One Razor 9ft Round Tail Longboard Surfboard - Matt Green
  18. Circle One 9ft6 Bamboo Noserider Longboard - Clear Bamboo
  19. Circle One Bamboo 9ft6 Round Pin Tail Longboard Surfboard - Brown
  20. Circle One Bamboo 9ft Pin Tail Longboard Surfboard - Brown
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What Longboard Surfboard Should I Get?

If you're not accustomed to a longboard surfboard, they range in size from 8ft-12ft, often with either a single large fin set up or a medium centre fin with a side bite fin on either side. The shaping of a longboard can vary immensely depending on the desired use of the board and the size of the wave it is intended for. Long single fin boards are perfect for those small swell days, with the volume to catch even the summertime ripples so you can practice your nose riding in true retro fashion. Compared to shortboard surfboards often associated with surfing, longboards give outstanding balance and simplicity to aid the beginner surfer on their journey to progress. 

Longboard Fin Setup 

There are two traditional fin setups when it comes to longboard surfboards. The one you will see most often is the single longboard fin in conjunction with a log surfboard. This setup is best for nose riding and a smooth and curvy ride. It feels loose as you set out your line, and you can generate speed with a single fine. In comparison, a 2+1 longboard fin setup is better suited for a more performance surfing style. This fin setup consists of one larger middle fin, similar to the single fin, with the addition of two side bites. This setup gives the board more drive and control when performing manoeuvrers while still offering stability, making it perfect for beginner to intermediate surfers.

How To Choose A Longboard Surfboard

Remember that you can always contact us on our website to help you choose the longboard surfboard that suits you best. Alternatively, say Hi at our wetsuit outlet warehouse here in Bournemouth.

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