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Alder Wetsuits

If you’re into water sports the last thing you want is to be let-down by second-rate equipment. You wouldn’t skimp on the cost of your surfboard when attempting to enhance your performance and your wetsuit is not different. Whether you are an experienced surfer who is adept to the water or you are experiencing water sports for the first time – you need a wetsuit that suits your needs and ability. Investing in a high-quality wetsuit will not only give you the flexibility to improve, but also ensures you can remain in the water longer than ever before.
If you have a passion for the ocean, finding a wetsuit that keeps the cold at bay for as long as possible is imperative. This is especially true for the icy waters of the UK, which are neither particularly warm in summer nor winter. When it comes to a wetsuit suited to the UK shoreline, what better brand to choose than one that is based and manufactures their products entirely in the UK. Alder wetsuits are a company based off the coast of Cornwall in the UK and create some of the best water sports products in the country.

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