Shortboard Surfboards

Shortboard Surfboards


The world of surfing in terms of shortboard surfboards has gone through a huge revolution in the past five years. With the advent of new shapes and fin set ups, shortboards surfboards have seen many innovations and changes since their emergence in the late 1960s. Some of the worlds very best surfers have been working closely with the shapers to design shortboard surfboards with greater volumes. This has meant that the shortboard still maintains performance, but with the extra volume, the board itself catches more waves. Surfing is, of course, all about having as much fun as possible, which means catching waves ever more challenging than the last. If we look back more than five years, the general theme was shortboards that were super thin and narrow. This meant pretty much everyone was struggling to catch waves, especially here in the UK, where the waves lack power. With the influx of new shortboards surfboards, this redesign is something you can benefit from a fantastic range of surfboards.

The new shortboard surfboards have been designed by the world’s best surfers, working closely with surfboard manufactures such as Lost and Firewire. Kelly Slater was the first to take this concept and develop them into new models that everyone could enjoy. The great news is you don’t need to be a pro to ride these shortboards! Rusty started producing the Dwart, a short, very wide and thick board with plenty of volume. Soon after their success, each brand has brought out their own new versions of shortboards surfboards. What does this mean for the average surfer? Well, there are now some really fun shapes available that make surfing such a great sport to be involved in. As these types of boards are easy to manoeuvre compared with others, a shortboard surfboard for beginners is now a reality and provide hours of surfing enjoyment.


With a huge range of options, the choice is yours in terms of what you can ride as most of the boards will display the volume. So, if you know the current volume of the shortboard surfboard you have, it's a simple case of picking the volume then the shape and model of your new shortboard. What you will find is that you should be able to go shorter and wider than your current traditional board. This opens up a new world of surfing for you, as these shortboard surfboards are designed to perform just like a shortboard in terms of turns and performance but catch waves like a mini mal.

If you’re adjusting from a longboard, then you will be coming down in volume, so it's worth contacting us to discuss the options, as it will be very much based on your current weight. The other thing to consider is what types of manoeuvre you’re looking for the shortboard surfboard to perform, as some boards are designed for smaller wave fun and some for an all-round big/small surf. You tend to find that anything designed for smaller and less powerful waves, such as in the UK, will not perform that well in hollow waves, so we recommend that you carefully consider the board you choose. You don't want to buy the wrong surfboard for the wrong conditions after all. That’s where we come in at Wetsuit Centre, as we are all very keen surfers and have the benefit of having a surf shop as a sister company. We test out models and get feedback from local users meaning we’re constantly adapting our range to select the best models from all the brands. If you need any advice or want to talk about surfing and shortboard surfboards, then as we are all addicted to surfing, we will be more than happy to help you out.

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