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Firewire surfboards have taken some of the best shapers from around the world to design some of the best performance boards on the planet. The great thing about Firewire is that they are constantly evolving the shapes are designs to bring us some of the most fun and performance surfboards such as the now famous sweet potato, potatonator and dominator boards. Recent additions such as the Nano and Pyzalien surfboards bring fun back into surfing with the wave catching potential but with performance to match your ability. Some of the worlds very best surfers such as John John Florence keep re designing boards to test and push the limits of technology. If you want to discuss a board or want any help then please feel free to call us.

Billed as the pro's choice with parabolic balsa rails, triple density EPS core and advanced composites these boards are built to last long and also have rapid flex memory, rebounding the board in and out of turns.

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Performance Surfboards From Firewire

Their environmentally award winning construction creates a lightweight and durable custom surfboard that is best recognised for its superior performance

Firewire signed Taj Burrow as its signature rider in 2O07, and he rode his Firewire to a No. 2 world ranking that year - it doesn't get much better than that!

Nev Hyman has a successful 35+ year history in the surf industry and is recognised as one of the best shapers in the world. Working closely with Taj over the past 4+ years, Nev has been instrumental in developing Future Shapes Technology and designing equipment perfectly suited to Taj's needs.

Where Can I Buy A Firewire In The UK

So if you want to ride like a pro then you better stick a Firewire on your shopping list. Our extensive range means we are one of the largest authorised suppliers of boards in the UK. You can either order online or come and check out our range at our warehouse location. We even have a demo range for you to come and try the models before you buy. Providing of course there is any waves on the day you come in. Either way anything we can do to help please let us know.

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